The College of Veterinary Medicine - Badr University in Cairo seeks to have distinguished programs in the field of veterinary medical sciences locally, regionally and internationally, and to improve the educational and research process, especially in the field of food health and safety and animal medicine and surgery.


Preparing distinguished veterinary cadres capable of imparting knowledge, localizing technology, serving and developing the local and regional community ٬ In addition to directing scientific research to serve the community and its needs.


1- Preparing veterinarians who are able, upon graduation, to meet the basic needs of society and prepare for possible changes, whether regional or global.
2- Preparing veterinarians who are able to establish and manage private veterinary projects without relying on government work.
3- Preparing ve...

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Dean’s Biography

Prof. Dr. Adel Abdelkhalek Sayed Ahmed is currently the Dean of the School of Veterinary Medicine at Badr university in Cairo (BUC), Cairo, Egypt. He ...

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Dean’s Message

Dear students
Welcome to Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at Badr University in Cairo
We are pleased to present this guide to clarify some of the issu...

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Veterinary Medicine

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