Program Overview

School of Law

Degree and Title:

Bachelor’s in Law

Study Hours/Academic Levels:

144 credit hours/4 academic levels      


Studying law at BUC is characterized by the practical applications of the different branches of law, which allows the student to experience the field in scientific, practical, and non-traditional methods, based on the combination of the theoretical applications of law in different branches and modern practices. The program is considered a unique model among the various law schools, and it is distinguished by the participation of highly qualified faculty members in all disciplines. The law program includes internal and external training hours in cooperation with various legal and judicial institutions.

Academic Majors and Departments:

1.Private Law Department

-Civil law

-Commercial Law

-Labor and Social Law

-Private International Law

-Civil and Commercial Procedures Law

-History and Philosophy of Law

2.Public Law Department

-Constitutional Law and Political Systems

-Administrative Law

-Public Administration

-Public International Law

-Criminal Law

3.Economics and Public Finance Department

– Political Economy

-International Economy

– The Economics of Money, Banking, and Stock Exchange

– Public Finance

-Tax Legislation

-Economic and Financial Legislation

4.Department of Islamic Sharia

-Islamic Doctrine

-Family Affairs

-Inheritance and Wills

Future Opportunities 

  • The graduate has the right to apply to all judicial authorities; The Public Prosecution Office, The State Council, The Administrative Prosecution, The Military Judiciary, and other judicial institutions. He/she can also join the legal departments in governmental and non-governmental institutions.
  • A graduate has the right to be registered with The Bar Association and to practice the legal profession.
  • The graduate may join the diplomatic and consular corps after passing the necessary examinations and conditions and can work in international and regional organizations.
  • The graduate is well capable of all jobs of a financial, tax, and economic nature.
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