To be a leader within the Physical Therapy profession and to become a center of excellence locally and internationally.


To graduate outstanding, compassionate, highly skilled and distinguished graduates able to meet the requirements of the labor market locally and regionally To provide students with required academic and practical skills by using state-of-the-art technology in the field of physical therapy as well as developing scientific research and society services.


1- Provide students a distinguished scientific and stimulating environment for innovation and development.
2- Encourage Scientific Research in order to contribute in solving environmental problems and community services.
3- Provide opportunities and areas of continuing education to help students g...

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Dean’s Biography

Dr. Adly Sabbour holds currently the position of the Dean for the Physical Therapy School in Badr University “BUC” in Cairo. He is a professor of Phys...

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Dean’s Message

The school of Physical Therapy at Badr University in Cairo (BUC) was established in 2014 offering a high level of educational and community services. ...

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Physical Therapy


Winston-Salem State University

Certificate Program in Manual Therapy, Cardo-Pulmonary Rehabilitation and Neuro-Rehab (Three Module)

Incheon National University

Scientific visits and workshops at BUC

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