Oral and Dental Medicine Program

Career Potentials of Oral and Dental Medicine Graduates

This bachelor program is aimed for competent graduates eligible for local, regional and international labor market. This degree program combines the strongly interlinked disciplines of dentistry including restorative, prosthetic, surgical and non-surgical ways of management as well as preventive dentistry. Students will be able to carry out demanding management tasks in both nationwide and international labor market.

Core Competencies of Graduates

Theoretical, methodological practical qualifications & practical skills supporting a career in dental health care institutions including private sector. Readiness for post graduate studies as well as continuous dental education programs.

Job Profiles

General Dentist able for managing all dental problems including restorative dentistry, endodontics as well as fixed and removable prosthesis. Dentist able for participation in community health care programs and preventive dentistry. Specialist in dental equipment and consumables companies

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