Nursing Program

Career Potentials of BUC Nursing Graduates

Bachelor of Nursing (BSN)

The BSN program is aiming at providing learners with the needed intellectual background, professional skills, attitudes and transferable skills to meet with the requirements of the profession and to acquire the outcomes necessary for the development and upgrading of the nursing profession. The nurse will be able to function in a variety of set ups dealing with various members of the community at various levels of leadership.

Core Competencies of Graduates

Demonstrate knowledge, understanding, responsibility and accountability of the legal obligations for ethical nursing practice. Provide holistic and evidence-based nursing care in different practice Demonstrate effective managerial and leadership skills in the provision of quality nursing care. Utilize information and technology to underpin health care delivery, communicate, manage knowledge and support decision making for patient care. Collaborate with colleagues and members of the health care team to facilitate and coordinate care provided for individuals, families and communities.

Job Profiles

Infection Control

Quality Control

Case Management in all various specialties (Maternal and newborn health, Child Health, Adult Health, geriatric care, mental health, Community Health, etc.)

Healthcare Informatics

Assistant Nurse Manager

Charge Nurse

Nurse Educator

Clinical Development Specialist / Training & Development Specialist



Ministry of Health

Ministry of Education

Ministry of Higher Education

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