Filmmaking & Permorming Arts Program


The department seeks to produce a comprehensive, educated artist familiar with the elements of voice acting, dance and singing according to the highest international standards.


It includes all elements of the film industry, starting with writing a script for the film, then filming, editing, directing. It focuses on global and local cinematic culture in addition to practicing practical training that achieves integration between all specializations. Presentation is a distinctive cinematic product.


It includes the study of graphic arts and animation in its 20 and 30 types, as well as hoaxes and sound and visual effects employed in the fields of cinema, television and advertising.


Design in its two divisions, landscape design and fashion design, where he studies interior, cinema and television in addition to interior design, and in the department of dramatic fashion and its employment in drama alongside modern fashion design.

Media production:

Directing TV programs.
Directing and designing ads and marketing.
Department of Radio Casting.

Department of Performing Arts:

Ballet directing division and classic and modern reviews. Ballet teaching and modern dance, which qualifies to work as a teacher in this field, especially in the field of work for children.

Music section:

It is a section that includes: Playing all the musical instruments. Singing Division. Music Composition and Orchestral Leadership Division.

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