Graduating high level comprehensive artists in accordance to the highest national & international standards that meet the artistic global community needs.


To provide hands-on, student-centered learning experience conducted in an interdisciplinary and interactive environment. To stimulate and implement a curricula that integrates research and entrepreneurial activities for the profession in addition to required skills and knowledge. To provide graduates with communication, analytical and critical thinking skills that allow them to excel in a diversified global environment. To pursue lifelong learning as professionals, leaders and innovators among the community of talented artists across acting, dance, music, design….).

Dean’s Biography

Dean of Filmmaking and Performing Arts Faculty at Badr University.
Professor at the Academy of Arts and head of the acting and directing department.

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Dean’s Message

Integrating all with each other. It is an atmosphere that pushes your talents and capabilities to be discovered and developed. We provide not only sci...

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Filmmaking & Performing Arts


Filmmaking & Performing Arts - Badr University in Cairo

Winston-Salem State University

Certificate Program in Manual Therapy, Cardo-Pulmonary Rehabilitation and Neuro-Rehab (Three Module)

Filmmaking & Performing Arts - Badr University in Cairo

Incheon National University

Scientific visits and workshops at BUC

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