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Vision :

To be a civilization façade and a tool for communication between the different cultures around the world. 


We are committed to qualify the graduates to be highly competent cultural intermediary.

We keep pace with modern developments to match the needs of the current and future labor market.


Goal #1: Excellence in Education


BUC School of Linguistics & Translation seeks to achieve scientific leadership through distinguished academic programs and skills that meet the needs of the labour market.

Goal #2: Excellence in Research


BUC School of Linguistics & Translation aspires to create a unique research environment linked to community service and development.

Goal #3: Excellence in Community Service & Engagement


BUC School of Linguistics & Translation is committed to enhance its contribution to the community service.

Goal #4: Internationalization

BUC School of Linguistics & Translation interests in enhancing its competitive position locally, regionally & internationally.

Goal #5: Development of institutional capacity

BUC School of Linguistics & Translation is keen on applying good governance and Support for Total Quality Management.

 Faculty Directory:

Full-Time Staff Members & TAs
Name Degree
Hussein Mahmoud (Dean) Professor (ITA)
Fatma Taher (Deputy Dean & Head of English Department) Associate Professor (ENG)
Baher Al’Gohary (Head of German Department) Professor (GER)
Khaled Salem (Head of Spanish Department) Associate Professor (SPA)
Lamia Al’Shereef (Head of Italian Department) Associate Professor (ITA)
Rasha Kamal (Head of Chinese Department) Associate Professor (CHI)
Mohamed Al’Kowmy Assistant Professor (ENG)
Tamer Lokman Assistant Professor (ENG)
Amira Amin Assistant Professor (GER)
Hend Sami Assistant Lecturer (ENG)
Gouda Kamal Assistant Lecturer (ENG)
Christine Samir Assistant Lecturer (ITA)
Deena Mosaad Demonstrator (ENG)
Yasmin Al’Masry Demonstrator (ENG)
Sara Ali Demonstrator (ENG)
Amani Al’Sayed Demonstrator (SPA)
Nouran Salah Demonstrator (ITA)
Marina Ashraf Demonstrator (ITA)
Noha Khaled Demonstrator (CHI)






Part-Time Staff Members & TAs
Name Degree
Hesham Al’Malky Professor
Nahla Gharib Professor
Mohamed Abdul Salam Professor
Salah Nasr Professor
Rozario Bofi Associate Professor
Sohaima Saleh Associate Professor
Faisal Mohamed Associate Professor
Gamal Al’Tahhan Associate Professor
Nermin Mohammed Associate Professor
Hanan Hamdy Assistant Professor
Osama Salama Assistant Professor
Ma Wi Min Assistant Professor
Nesma Hafez Assistant Professor
Noha Al’Zoghby Assistant Professor
Shawkat Al’Masry Assistant Professor
Shaymaa Kamal Assistant Professor
Wafaa Bahaa Al’Din Assistant Professor
Rehab Hanafy Assistant Lecturer


Departments :-

I – Active Departments:

  • English department
  • Chinese department
  • Spanish department
  • Italian department
  • German department


II – Planned Departments:

  • French Department
  • Russian Department
  • Japanese Department
  • Persian Department
  • Turkish Department
  • Arabic Department

BUC Linguistics and Translation curriculum has been designed and developed based on intended learning outcomes that follow academic standards developed in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages and the National Academic Standards (2009). About eleven languages are to be covered in the BUC Linguistics and Translation.

BUC Linguistics and Translation offers a challenging 4-year undergraduate program leading to a Bachelor of Art in Linguistics and Translation. Students enrolled in BUC Linguistics and Translation must successfully pass a total of 144-155 hours including university requirements, electives, school requirements and specialization requirements. The courses cover background subjects such as linguistics, support courses such as those helping the graduate to match the demands of the market as well as the technical language to fulfill the work requirements. A part of the curriculum is centered upon the development of IT skills, scientific writing and research projects as well as fieldwork.

  • Degrees:

BA in Language & Translation

(Five Majors: English – Italian – Chinese – German – Spanish)

  • Courses:

English Department

No. Course No. Title
1 Eng1101 Writing I (Basic Writing)
2 Eng1202 Writing II  (Essay Writing)
3 Eng2103 Writing III (Creative Writing)
4 Eng4104 Research Writing / Project I
5 Eng4205 Research Writing / Project II
6 Eng1106 Reading &Comprehension I
7 Eng1207 Reading &Comprehension II
8 Eng1108 Grammar ( Intermediate Level)
9 Eng1209 Advanced Grammar
10 Eng2110 Linguistics I: Phonetics & Phonology
11 Eng2211 Linguistics II: Morphology
12 Eng3112 Linguistics III : Semantics &Pragmatics
13 Eng3213 Linguistics IV : Syntax
14 Eng4114 Comparative linguistics
15 Eng2115 Introduction to English Literature
16 Eng2216 English Literature I
17 Eng3117 English Literature II
18 Eng3218 Shakespeare
19 Eng4119 Literary Criticism
20 Eng4220 Comparative Literature
21 Eng1121 Introduction to Translation Studies
22 Eng1222 Translation from and into Arabic
23 Eng2123 Translation Hum. Social Sciences E>A
24 Eng2224 Translation of documents
25 Eng3125 Translation  Scientific topics E>A
26 Eng3226 Translation of Legal Documents
27 Eng4127 Translation of Humanities (Literary)
28 Eng4128 Interpretation I
29 Eng4229 Seminar in Translation
30 Eng4230 Translation for UN agencies
31 Eng4231 Interpretation II

Elective Courses

No. Course No. Title
32 Eng3232 E Practical Criticism
33 Eng3233 E Poetry
34 Eng3234 E Civilization
35 Eng2235 E Study Skills& Dictionary Usage
36 Eng31 36 E Consecutive Translation I
37 Eng3137 E Consecutive Translation II
38 Eng3138 E Dubbing and Subtitling
39 Eng2239 E Linguistic Problems in Translation

Honor Courses

No. Course No. Title
40 Eng4140 H CAT (Computer aided Translation)
41 Eng4141 H Applied linguistics
42 Eng4142 H Modern theory of Translation
43 Eng4243 H Discourse analysis
44 Eng4244 H Consecutive translation III
45 Eng4244 H Interpretation III





Italian Department

N. Course No. Title
1 Ita1101 Leggere e scrivere
2 Ita1102 Comunicazione linguistica
3 Ita1103 Espressioni idiomatiche
4 Ita1204 Comunicazione interpersonale
5 Ita1205 Scrittura descritiva
6 Ita1206 Ascolto e comprensione
7 Ita1207 Grammatica italiana 1
8 Ita2108 Comunicazione e trattative
9 Ita2109 Grammatica italiana 2
10 Ita2110 Scrittura espressiva
11 Ita2111 Ascolto e parlato
12 Ita2112 E Testi e analisi
13 Ita2213 Comunicazione professionale
14 Ita2214 Grammatica italiana 3
15 Ita2215 Testi e testologia
16 Ita2216 Scrittura creativa
17 Ita2217 Traduzione riassuntiva
18 Ita2218 Introduzione alla letteratura italiana
20 Ita3119 Fonologia
21 Ita3120 Letteratura nel Medioevo
22 Ita3121 Critica letteraria
23 Ita3122 Testi, narrativa
24 Ita3123 E Metodologia della ricerca
25 Ita3124 Traduzione it-ar
26 Ita3125 Traduzione ar-it
27 Ita3226 Morfologia
28 Ita3227 Letteratura rinascimentale
29 Ita3228 E Letteratura comparata
30 Ita3229 Testi, poesia
31 Ita3230 Traduzione letteraria it-ar
32 Ita3231 Semantica
33 Ita3232 Letteratura moderna
33 Ita4133 Testi, teatro
34 Ita4134 Traduzione legale it-ar
35 Ita4135 Traduzione orale it-ar
36 Ita4136 Sintassi
37 Ita4237 Letteratura contemporanea
38 Ita4238 Traduzione legale ar-it
39 Ita4239 Traduzione orale ar-it
40 Ita4140 Tesi di laurea 1
41 Ita4241 Tesi di Laurea 2

Elective Courses

42 Ita4242 E Storia della lingua italiana
43 Ita2243 E Storia e cultura italiana
44 Ita3144 E Retorica
45 Ita4145 E Esercitazioni di conversazione
46 Ita4246 E Filosofia della lingua
47 Ita3247 E Rapporti culturali italo-egiziani

Honor Courses

48 Ita4248 Linguistica applicata
49 Ita4249 Critica applicata
50 Ita4250 Traduzione simultanea
51 Ita4251 Tradutologia
52 Ita4252 Glottodidattica




Chinese Department

No. Course No.




1 Chi1101 Listening & Speaking I
2 Chi1102 Basic Grammar I语法I
3 Chi1103 Chinese Text I课文I
4 Chi1104 Reading &Comprehension I阅读I
5 Chi1105 Writing I写作I
6 Chi1206 Listening & Speaking II
7 Chi1207 Basic Grammar II 语法II
8 Chi1208 Chinese Text II课文II
9 Chi1209 Reading &Comprehension II 阅读II
10 Chi1210 General Translation 初级翻译
11 Chi2111 Listening & Speaking III
12 Chi2112 Linguistics Studies I语言学研究I
13 Chi2113 Chinese Text III课文III
14 Chi2114 Writing II 写作II
15 Chi2115 Translation Chinese> Arabic I汉阿翻译I

specialized topics(Journalistic)业主题(媒体)

16 Chi2116 Translation Arabic>Chinese I阿汉翻译I

specialized topics(Journalistic) 业主题(媒体)

17 Chi2217 Listening & Speaking IV
18 Chi2218 Linguistics Studies II语言学研究II
19 Chi2219 Reading &Comprehension III 阅读III
20 Chi2220 Translation Chinese >Arabic II汉阿翻译II

specialized topics(Journalistic) 业主题(媒体)

21 Chi2221 Translation Arabic>Chinese II阿汉翻译II

specialized topics(Journalistic) 业主题(媒体)

22 Chi2222  Chinese Civilization History I


23 Chi3123 Listening & Speaking V
24 Chi3124 Linguistics Studies III语言学研究III
25 Chi3125 Chinese Text IV课文 IV
26 Chi3126 Translation Chinese >Arabic III汉阿翻译III specialized topics(Economic& legal 业主题(经贸级法律
27 Chi3127 Translation Arabic>Chinese III阿汉翻译III

specialized topics(Economic& legal 业主题经贸级法律

28 Chi3128 Writing III 写作III
29 Chi3229 Listening & Speaking VI
30 Chi3230 Linguistics Studies IV 语言学研究IV
31 Chi3231 Reading &Comprehension IV阅读IV
32 Chi3232 Translation Chinese >Arabic汉阿翻译

specialized topics(Economic& legal ) 业主题经贸级法律

33 Chi3233 Translation Arabic>Chinese V阿汉翻译III

specialized topics(Economic& legal ) 业主题经贸级法律

34 Chi3234 Chinese Civilization History II


35 Chi4135 Listening & Speaking VII
36 Chi4136 Linguistics Studies V语言学研究V
37 Chi4137 Chinese Text V 课文V
38 Chi4138 Translation Chinese >Arabic IV 汉阿翻译IV

specialized topics(scientific & literary)专业主题


39 Chi4139 Translation Arabic>Chinese IV阿汉翻译IV

specialized topics(scientific & literary) 专业主题


40 Chi4140 Writing IV 写作IV
41 Chi4241 Listening & Speaking VIII
42 Chi4242 Linguistics Studies VI语言学研究VI
43 Chi4243 Chinese Text VI课文VI
44 Chi4244 Translation Chinese >Arabic V汉阿翻译V

specialized topics(scientific & literary) 专业主题


45 Chi4245 Translation Arabic>Chinese V 阿汉翻译V

specialized topics(scientific & literary) 专业主题


46 Chi4246 Methods of Research 毕业的论文

Elective Courses

No. Course No. Title
47 Chi4147E Traditional Chinese arts(Chinese calligraphy) 书法
48 Chi4148E Translation Project 翻译项目
49 Chi4149E Dictionary Usage 查用词典
50 Chi4250E Journalistic Readings 报刊

Honor Courses

No. Course No. Title
51 ChiH Applied linguistics实用语言学
52 Chi5102  H Linguistic Problems in Translation翻译的语言学问题
53 Chi5103 H Reading in Chinese literature中国文学阅读
54 Chi5104 H 中国开放改革政策概况





German Department

No. Course No. Title
1 GER1101 Grammar and Phonetics 1
2 GER1102 Listening and Speaking 1
3 GER1103 Introduction to Translation
4 GER1204 Grammar and Phonetics 2
5 GER1205 Listening and Speaking 2
6 GER1206 Translation into Arabic
7 GER1207 Translation From Arabic
8 GER2108 Grammar and Phonetics 3
9 GER2109 Listening and Speaking 3
10 GER2110 Literature 8-12
11 GER2111 Translation from Arabic (literature)
12 GER2112 Translation into Arabic (literature)
13 GER2113 Reading and Writing 1
14 GER2214 Grammar und Phonetics 4
15 GER2215 Listening and Speaking 4
16 GER2216 Literature 16,17,18
17 GER3117 Listening and Speaking 5
18 GER3118 Literature 19, 20
19 GER3119 Translation into Arabic (economy)
20 GER3120 Translation from Arabic (economy)
21 GER3121 Reading and Writing 2
22 GER3122 Literary Criticism
23 GER3223 Consecutive Translation from and into Arabic
24 GER3224 Reading and Writing 3
25 GER3225 Texts (Poetry and Drama)
26 GER4126 Translation into Arabic (politic)
27 GER4127 Translation from Arabic (politic)
28 GER4128 Reading and Writing 4
29 GER4129 Texts (Novel-Prose)
30 GER4130 Research 1
31 GER4131 Translation into Arabic (Press)
32 GER4132 Translation from Arabic (Press)
33 GER4233 Grammar
34 GER4234 Research 2
35 GER4235 Translation into Arabic (scientific, legal)
36 GER4236 Translation from Arabic (scientific, legal)
37 GER4237 Texts (Novel-Prose)
38 GER4238 Reading and Writing 5

Elective Courses

No. Course No.  
39 GER2239 E Culture and Literature
40 GER2240 E Applied Linguistics
41 GER2241 E Applied and comparative Linguistics
42 GER3242 E Simultaneous Translation into Arabic
43 GER3243 E Simultaneous Translation from Arabic


Honor Courses

No. Course No. Title
44 GER4144 H  CAT الترجمة بمساعدة الحاسوب
45 GER4145 H General Linguistics
46 GER4146 H Modern Theories of Translation
47 GER4247 H Discourse Analysis
48 GER4248 H Consecutive Translation
49 GER4249 H Modern Theories in Criticism





Spanish Department

No. Course No. Title
1 Esp1101 Linguistic Studies 1
2 Esp1102 General Texts
3 Esp1103 Listening and Speaking 1
4 Esp1204 Readings and Essay 1
5 Esp1205 Linguistic Studies 2
6 Esp1206 Translation into Arabic
7 Esp1207 Translation from Arabic
8 Esp2108 Listening and Speaking 2
9 Esp2109 Texts (poetry- Prose)
10 Esp2110 Linguistic Studies 3
11 Esp2111 Translation from Arabic (Newspapers)
12 Esp2112 Translatio into Arabic (Newspapers)
13 Esp2113 Latin American Literature 1
14 Esp2214 Texts (Poetry- Prose) 1
15 Esp2215 History of Literature in the 13th, 14th, 15th Centuries
16 Esp2216 Latin American Literature 2
17 Esp3117 Linguistic Studies 4
18 Esp3118 Readings and Essay 2
19 Esp3119 Texts and Criticism (Poetry)
20 Esp3120 History of Lit. and Civilization of 16th,17thC
21 Esp3121 Translation from Arabic (Politics- Economy)
22 Esp3122 Translation into Arabic (Politics- Economy)
23 Esp3223 Linguistic Studies 5
24 Esp3224 Listening and Speaking 3
25 Esp3225 Texts and Criticism (Prose)
26 Esp4126 Linguistic Studies 6
27 Esp4127 Essay
28 Esp4128 Latin American Literature 3
29 Esp4129 Texts and Criticism (Drama)
30 Esp4130 Translation from Arabic (political Literary)
31 Esp4131 Translation into Arabic (political- Literary)
32 Esp4132 Research 1
33 Esp4233 Translation from Arabic (Diplomacy)
34 Esp4234 Translation into Arabic (Diplomacy)
35 Esp4235 Linguistic Studies 7
36 Esp4236 Listening and Speaking 4
37 Esp4237 History of Lit.& Civilization, 19th, 20th C
38 Esp4238 Research 2

Elective Courses

No. Course No. Title
39 Esp2239 E Latin American Literature (Special)
40 Esp2240 E Readings and Essay 3
41 Esp2241 E Texts and Criticism (Prose-Drama)2
42 Esp3242 E Translation from Arabic (political)
43 Esp3243 E Translation into Arabic (political)


Honor Courses

No. Course No. Title
44 Esp4144 H  CAT الترجمة بمساعدة الحاسوب
45 Esp4145 H Applied Linguistics
46 Esp4146 H Modern Theories of Translation
47 Esp4247 H Discourse Analysis
48 Esp4248 H Consecutive Translation
49 Esp4249 H Simultaneous Translation


Note: All Departments have School & University Requirements

School Requirements

1 COM1101 لغة عربية / الأخطاء الشائعة واللحن    
2 COM1202 لغة عربية / مقال
3 COM2103 لغة عربية / قراءات ونصوص قديمة
4 COM2204 لغة  عربية / اتجاهات أدبية
5 COM3105 لغة عربية / نصوص حديثة وتحليل
6 COM3206 لغة عربية / تحرير  النصوص 
7 COM1107 لغة ثانية 1 – A1
8 COM1208 لغة ثانية 2 A2
9 COM2109 لغة ثانية 3 B1
10 COM2210 لغة ثانية 4B2
11 COM3111 لغة ثانية 5 C1
12 COM3212 لغة ثانية 6C2

University Requirements (Only 3 are needed)

1 GEN 1201 حقوق الإنسان
2 GEN 2102 مهارات التفكير العلمي وكتابة التقارير
3 GEN1002 تكنولوجيا المعلومات
4 GEN1004 مهارات حل المشكلات واتخاذ القرار
5 GEN1001 علم النفس ومهارات التواصل
6 GEN1003 التاريخ المصري

Dean’s Word

A Word from Dr. Hussein Mahmoud

The Dean of the School of Linguistics and Translation


Dear students,

Dear colleagues,

Dear faithful friends of the School of Linguistics and Translation,

I write this message to you and here is my advice:

Dr. Hussein Mahmoud

We live in an age which has a cultural identity emphasizing diversity. We also experience what we can describe as an educational crisis in the full meaning of the word, whether in the university or pre-university education. In this context, we have to face the challenges which are imposed by the status quo. Education faces an unprecedented technological explosion in which technology attempts to have its last word, a word of the future. Educational technology has made undeniable and tremendous progress. Moreover, education faces the challenge of fulfilling the needs of the job market at present and in the future. This constitutes the corner stone on which educational policies are built and goes against the traditional and prevailing principle of, “science for science.” This principle has produced a lot of science and little application. The big challenge for education today is to produce little science and a lot of applications.

At the School of Linguistics and Translation, we are aware of cultural diversity and we do our best to make use of it to the advantage of our students, employers in the job market, the society and the whole nation. It is no exaggeration to go beyond this to include all humanity. My advice to you:

Have harmony with diversity, accept “the other” and serve your country.

At the School of Linguistics and Translation, we are aware of the needs of the job market.

At the same time, we do not ignore the human needs for the light of science. Therefore, we emphasize the useful applications to day to day practices. At the same time, we reinforce scientific research in order to produce more knowledge. We see that both of them feed into one another. More knowledge leads to more invention and innovation. This, in turn, leads to more job opportunities. We see that pure science produces job opportunities, progress and wealth. My advice to you:

Do not waste the opportunities available to you. Create more opportunities for the coming generations. No progress will be achieved without advanced science and hard work.

Faculty Resources

Teaching Facilities Capacity
15 Classrooms 750 Students
9 Lecture Halls 1180 Students
2 Language Labs 72 Students
1 Translation Lab 42 Students

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All Classes & Lecture Halls are Fully Equipped with A Projector, Computer and Speakers. In Addition, the University provides a High-speed internet Connection and an Online Learning Management System that is fully accessible via all devices (Laptops, Tablets & Smart Phones)


Lecture Schedules

Exam Schedules

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