Technology, Innovation and Commercialization Office at BUC


BUC-TICO motivates the role of research and innovation inside the University and connect the University with private sector for the purpose of finding innovative and technological solutions for industrial problems and issues related to the demands. BUC-TICO supports innovation and technology in areas that empower entrepreneurship and establish R&D projects.

Grant and International Cooperation Office, (GICO) .

The GICO Unit offers guidance for researchers from different fields and sectors in finding possible funding opportunities for their research ideas.

Technology Innovation Support Center, (TISC.)

The Technology and Innovation Support Centre (TISC) is responsible for assisting academic staff, researchers and entrepreneurs in the handling intellectual property (IP) resulting from their research in a way that serves the community.

BUC – TICO Activities:

– University (internal) Guideline for Academic Researchers;

– Training sessions for academic staff and researchers;

– New Database of the potential local and international fundraising opportunities;

– Build a database for technologies, knowledge, and patents available at the University based on a specific survey, and classify these knowledge, innovations, and patents;

– Follow up for the marketing and promotional activities of the patents, innovations, and R&D outcomes for the beneficiaries;

– Work on finding new innovations, support and care of the innovators (training, guidance, networking, marketing, funding…);

– Assist in developing the prototypes and half manufactured models;

– Encourage effective connection between applied research and the needs of the local community;

– Promote the importance of patents and intellectual property;

– Provide means of search to persons who plan to submit new researches in different fields;

– Assist in drafting of patent application and clarify the procedures required to obtain a patent.

– Guide in resolving any technological / technical / industrial problem concerning patent registered patents issued / patent fallen in the public domain / ideas of inventors (databases);

– Provide training on IP to academic staff, researchers and entrepreneurs; Creating a twinning between the innovative technological center for prototypes and the entrepreneurship center where it combines all the expertise.


* Two Innovation and Creativity centers have been established: the creative technology center for prototypes and the entrepreneurship center at Badr University:

1- “ BUC-EnC “BUC Entrepreneurship Center”

2 – “BUC PIC” BUC Prototype Innovation Centre”


Encourage entrepreneurship culture inside the university by creating investment opportunities based on local technologies.

TICO at BUC - Badr University in Cairo

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