Toward Building a Sustainable Egypt by Farah Rasmi

In 2015, Egypt presented its Sustainable Development Strategy (SDS) Vision 2030 that aimed to implement major economic and social changes that would guarantee sustainable growth.

Read more about the SDS, how Egypt has developed its economy, and how the pandemic has affected its sustainability plans in Farah Rasmi’s most recent article: Towards Building a Sustainable Egypt

Read the full article here: Toward Building a Sustainable Egypt – Farah Rasmi


Globalization Beyond the Economy by Farah Rasmi


Protectionist economic measures and nationalist politics have created a seismic shift in the global world order, causing concerns and theories such as Westlessness and Slowbalisation to emerge. Today, many believe that economic globalization is on the verge of collapse.

In this Op-Ed, Farah Rasmi explores issues caused by the Covid-19 pandemic and their effect on the future of globalization.

Read the full article here: Globalisation Beyond the Economy – Farah Rasmii


Understanding Conspiracy Theories by Farah Rasmi


Conspiracy theories have taken over the internet, people seem to disagree on the very existence of the virus, let alone its origins. If anything, self-isolation appears to have increased the speed at which conspiracies spread as everyone shares and retweets any and all information regardless of the source or its credibility. However, the term ‘conspiracy theories’ has been overused in a haphazard manner that does nothing but eliminates the possibility of finding the truth. In order to understand any theory and deem it a conspiracy, one has to first grasp what the term means and why humans are so prone to believing and leaning towards them.

Read the full essay here: Understanding Conspiracy theories – Farah Rasmi


Waiting On Westlessness by Farah Rasmi


For this year’s Munich Security Conference (MSC), the organisers coined the term “Westlessness” in an attempt to describe the existential crisis Western nations seem to be facing as of late. The term represents the sense of “widespread feeling of uneasiness and restlessness” as the West’s purpose in the world comes under scrutiny. In this Op-Ed, Farah Rasmi explores the meaning of Westlessness, what was discussed at the conference, and what the future of the West might look like.

Read the full article here: Waiting on Westlessness – Farah Rasmi


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