About Center


The BUC Global Affairs Center’ mission is to present an unbiased, socially responsible body of research that fosters dialogue and contributes to decision and policy-making, both locally and globally.


The Centre for Global Affairs aims to:

  • Raise Political Awareness

The Centre strives to raise political awareness on local and international levels by fostering dialogue and debates on all issues of Egyptian and Global Affairs

  • Present Transparent and Ground-Breaking Research

The Centre works on fostering an open-minded environment that will enable our experts to produce ground-breaking and strategically important research for a peaceful and sustainable future.

  • Consult on and Contribute to Policy and Decision Making

The Centre aims to have a notable impact through unbiased and dependable research that addresses current issues and predicts possible crises. Our work aims to provide governments, policymakers, as well as the private sectors with sufficient information to build a secure and prosperous world.

  • Build Future Leadership

The Centre aims to prepare the next generation of experts and leaders by equipping them with analytical and problem-solving skills necessary to influence future policies on the most pressing political issues.


The Centre achieves its goals by conducting research, providing policy recommendations, and organizing events (panel discussions, roundtables, seminars, lectures, etc.) on issues relating to local and global political events.

The Centre’s work features issues relating to:

  • Global Affairs: National Political Elections, International Institutions, Environmental Politics, Refugees & Migration, and International Development
  • Security: Extremism and Radicalism, Cybersecurity, Counterinsurgency, Military Strategies, Defence, and Intelligence

Economics: Global Economic Governance and Trade & International Business

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