Prof. Dr. Ayman Abdelhamid Elshewy

An artistic environment that assembles all types of arts “filmmaking, acting, dancing, music, design, etc…”, Integrating all with each other. It is an atmosphere that pushes your talents and capabilities to be discovered and developed.

We provide not only science, study and a certificate but also we are keen on practicing, renovation and one of our goals is to integrate our students in the labor market.

We present you a very special and brilliant teaching staff in the academic field and in the arts production. We also provide

  • The latest technological equipment “Studios, Cameras, and programs”.
  • Workshops with famous Egyptian and foreign artists.
  • Cultural and artistic activities all through the year that puts you in a continuous state of art.

You are not here just for listening to us, and say yes, you are here for exploring new creation territories and breaking your own limitations, training yourself to master new skills to become a professional artist and develop your career. You have to do it yourself and we will help, guide you.

You will stay with us the most important years of your life, years that might change you, if you want, let it happen and take charge of your own development and transformation, push yourself outside the comfort zone.

We will be around to assist, push and support you. I’m sure you will do things no one has ever done before. We trust you; we are giving our field a future by trusting our students and taking seriously what you bring to us. We will be ready to answer your questions, discuss and respond to your ways of dealing with the world to change it for the better.

We are looking forward to know how you will change yourself and make the world better through your ideas and innovation.


Prof. Dr.  Ayman Abdelhamid Elshewy

Dean of Faculty of film making and performing arts

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