Graduating high level comprehensive artists in accordance to the highest national & international standards that meet the artistic global community needs.



  • To provide hands-on, student-centered learning experience conducted in an interdisciplinary and interactive environment.
  • To stimulate and implement curricula that integrates research and entrepreneurial activities for the profession in addition to required skills and knowledge.
  • To provide graduates with communication, analytical and critical thinking skills that allow them to excel in a diversified global environment.
  • To pursue lifelong learning as professionals, leaders and innovators among the community of talented artists across acting, dance, music, design….).


Core value:

As a team we embrace a group of core values to work together to fulfill the mission and achieve the vision of the institution.

  • Leadership: Lead by example & ownership.
  • Integrity: being honest, ethical and transparent.
  • Teamwork: exercising collective effort to support students and staff.
  • Flexibility: discovering and seizing opportunities.
  • Diversity: engage audiences to explore the diversity of our culture.


Strategic objectives:

  • Sustaining an integrated system of self-development.
  • Combining student-centered learning, innovation, cultural expression and entrepreneurship.
  • Advocating societal needs and goals and preserve its cultural and artistic legacy creating a positive awareness that contribute to the Nation’s progress.
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