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School of Filmmaking and Performing Arts

Dean’s Message

Integrating all with each other. It is an atmosphere that pushes your talents and capabilities to be discovered and developed.

Prof. Dr.  Ayman Abdelhamid Elshewy
Prof. Dr.  Ayman Abdelhamid Elshewy

We provide not only science, study and a certificate but also we are keen on practicing and renovation.

We make sure that our students have access to:

  • The latest technological equipment “Studios, Cameras, and programs”.
  • Workshops with famous Egyptian and foreign artists.
  • Cultural and artistic activities all through the year that puts you in a continuous state of art.

We will be around to assist, push and support you. I’m sure that together you will achieve things no one has ever done before. Rest assured that our main aim is to serve you. You are our most precious assets.


Prof. Dr.  Ayman Abdelhamid Elshewy




Graduating high level comprehensive artists in accordance to the highest national & international standards that meet the artistic global community needs.




  • To provide hands-on, student-centered learning experience conducted in an interdisciplinary and interactive environment.
  • To stimulate and implement a curricula that integrates research and entrepreneurial activities for the profession in addition to required skills and knowledge.
  • To provide graduates with communication, analytical and critical thinking skills that allow them to excel in a diversified global environment.
  • To pursue lifelong learning as professionals, leaders and innovators among the community of talented artists across acting, dance, music, design….).


Core value:


As a team we embrace a group of core values to work together to fulfill the mission and achieve the vision of the institution.

  • Leadership: Lead by example & ownership.
  • Integrity: being honest, ethical and transparent.
  • Teamwork: exercising collective effort to support students and staff.
  • Flexibility: discovering and seizing opportunities.
  • Diversity: engage audiences to explore the diversity of our culture.


Strategic objectives


  • Sustaining an integrated system of self-development.
  • Combining student-centered learning, innovation, cultural expression and entrepreneurship.
  • Advocating societal needs and goals and preserve its cultural and artistic legacy creating a positive awareness that contribute to the Nation’s progress.

At Film-Making School we offer a Bachelors’ Degree in Filmmaking where you can specialize in one of several programs that we offer:




The department seeks to produce a comprehensive, educated artist familiar with the elements of voice acting, dance and singing according to the highest international standards.




It includes all elements of the film industry, starting with writing a script for the film, then filming, editing, directing.  It focuses on global and local cinematic culture in addition to practicing practical training that achieves integration between all specializations. Presentation is a distinctive cinematic product.




It includes the study of graphic arts and animation in its 20 and 30 types, as well as hoaxes and sound and visual effects employed in the fields of cinema, television and advertising.




Design in its two divisions, landscape design and fashion design, where he studies interior, cinema and television in addition to interior design, and in the department of dramatic fashion and its employment in drama alongside modern fashion design.


Media production:


Directing TV programs.

Directing and designing ads and marketing.

Department of Radio Casting.


Department of Performing Arts:


  • Ballet directing division and classic and modern reviews.
  • Ballet teaching and modern dance, which qualifies to work as a teacher in this field, especially in the field of work for children.


Music section:


It is a section that includes:

  • Playing all the musical instruments.
  • Singing Division.  Music Composition and Orchestral Leadership Division.

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