To be a leading educational and research institution in engineering sciences and applications and has eminent societal impact via its professional & applied services and strategic partnerships.


To provide distinguished engineering programs and learning opportunities for our students to supply the community with highly qualified and competitive graduates that can address professional and technological advances; To commit to work ethics and lead the development of the society through scientific research, effective management of the needs of community and industry via engineering consultations and professional services; and engage in partnerships with academic and industrial institutions within Egypt and abroad.

Core Values:

As professionals, we are committing to the institutional values of Badr University in Cairo and to the codes of ethics that govern the engineering professions at the national & international levels.

Integrity and Work Ethics

We seek respect, trust, and fair treatment amongst our community of students, faculty members and staff.  We hold ourselves accountable for our actions and words; we insist on ethical behavior, personal honor, transparency, and avoiding all conflicts of interest.


We lead by making a difference in our faculty and society; inspiring our students to succeed and innovate in modern business, industry, and communities; and creating a learning environment that encourages our members and students to reach their full potential through development of personal knowledge and skills.

Creativity and Innovation

We encourage new ideas, innovative learning tactics, individual diversity, and intellectual curiosity among our faculty and students; we embrace different forms of expression, student discovery, entrepreneurial activities, and international outreach.

Quality and Excellence

We offer rigorous international curricula in different engineering disciplines; we provide our students with diverse learning events and competitions.  We are balancing between teaching, scholarly, and professional activities.


We encourage team work; promote members of our community to support for each other’s success; support interdisciplinary research.  We value open communication and collaborative decision-making; and we seek partnerships with industry, government, and academic institutions.

Societal Commitment

We commit to engineering consultations and professional services for business, industry, and community; we encourage our students to become productive and responsible citizens; we commit to continuous progress of our community; we promote public engagement and interaction; and we participate in the development of sustainable infrastructures.

Strategic goals:

The School of Engineering and Technology has identified six main strategic goals for achieving its Mission.

  1. To be among the top-ranked engineering programs accredited nationally and internationally
  2. To fossil attractive, dynamic and student-centered learning environment
  3. To equip our graduates with innovative engineering problem solving skills and the capacity for life-long learning
  4. To conduct distinctive research in interdisciplinary areas of national and international interest
  5. To develop major centre of engineering consultations and professional services for industrial and societal needs and development
  6. To be engaged in active collaboration with local and global partners from academia, industry, and society



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