To be the national , regional and international preeminent faculty of pharmacy transforming human health through innovations in education ,practice, and scientific research .


To provide best in class education , training , and life-long teaming opportunities for students and graduates , while creating , disseminating and applying up to date knowledge based on research and practice in the pharmaceutical, social and clinical sciences to improve health .

Strategic Plan:

1 . Excellence: We strive for excellence in all what we do.
2. Professionalism: We fosterprofessional growth for faculty and staff and create a culture where faculty and staff are recruited into career opportunities in our school.
3. Community: We are dedicated to those we serve; our students, our patients, and society .
4. Collaboration: We seek and value collaboration and interdependency throughout all aspects of what we do ; the education and training of our students; the provision of patient care ; scientific discovery , and the generation of new knowledge.
5. Innovation: We bringing creative ideas to life to enrich student learning and improve human health
6 . Leadership : We promote leadership and professional development among our community to anticipate and prepare for the future .

Strategic Objectives:

1. To develop knowledge based programs and promote skills necessary to contribute to the health care scheme of the country.

2 . To pursue qualitative criteria for admission aimed to accept a limited number of students each year to ensure individual attention .

3. To facilitate the acquisition of knowledge , skills and attitudes by promoting the methods of self-learning and substituting traditional lectures by discussions, debates, seminars and

4 . To graduate drug specialists and experts that would serve as vital links between physicians and patients and can influence the industrial development of drugs and pharmaceuticals and able to develop themselves.
5 . Continuous improvement of research support and quality.

6. Foster and increase diversity and inclusion within the BUC

7. Support division- specific strategic priorities

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