Faculty Directory

No. Staff members position
1 Mohamed Ahmed El-Shanawany Professor of Pharmacognosy & Dean of the Faculty
2 Safaa Ahmed Mohamed El-Moghazy Professor of Pharmacognosy &  Vise Dean
3 Maisa Ismaeil Abd El-Monem Omara Professor of Chemistry & Head of the Department
4 Elsayed Abdelghany  Elsayed Ahmed Professor of Pharmaceutics & Head of the Department
5 Talat Abdel-monsef El-kersh Professor of Microbiology
6 Waleed Faesal Ahmed Professor of Microbiology
7 Ehab Mohamed Gedawy Associate Professor –  Department of Chemistry
8 Ahmed Soliman Mohammed Doghish Associate Professor –  Department of Biochemistry
9 Ali Mohamed Yehia Associate Professor –  Department of Chemistry
10 Mohamed Abd El-Hameed Ismaeil Lecturer –  Department of Pharmaceutics
11 Hany Rashad Abdel Saber Hashem Lecturer –  Department of Microbiology
12 Mohamed  Ahmed Ali Hussein Lecturer –  Department of Chemistry
13 Salah Salem Ewid Elian Lecturer –  Department of Chemistry
14 Samer Fathy Moustafa Darwish Lecturer –  Department of Pharmacology
Assistant teachers Department
1 Omnia Mohamed Ibrahim Sarhan Department of Pharmaceutics
2 Wagiha Samer Department of Microbiology
3 Mai Hamdy Rashed Mohamed Department of Microbiology
4 Mamdouh Ahmed Abd-El Aziz Oraby Department of Pharmacology
5 Abdulla Mahmoud Abdulla Ahmed Department of Pharmacology
6 Ola Emad Mohamed Elazazy Department of Biochemistry
7 Shaza Hussiny Aly Mohamed Department of Pharmacognosy
8 Mohamed Mahmoud Mahmoud Abdel Razek Department of Pharmacognosy
9 Nariman Hossam El-din Kandil Department of Pharmacognosy
10 Sara Saeed Kotb Ismaiel Department of Pharmacognosy
11 Hossam Hammouda Nada Department of Chemistry
12 Mahmoud Abd-Elmonem Mamoud El Hassab Department of Chemistry
13 Islam Selim Guda Mohamed Department of Chemistry
14 Mohamed  Adel Mostafa Naguib Elanany Department of Chemistry
15 Hind Ahmed Mokhtar Noureldin Department of Chemistry
16 Sherief Sabry Abd Elmageed Department of Pharmacology
17 Sylvia Fransis Fawzi Attallah Department of Pharmacology
18 Wael Sayed Ibrahim Hasan Department of Pharmacology
19 Nouran Hassan  Khalil Ibrahim Department of Biochemistry
20 Mahmoud Ahmed Mahmoud El-Rebehy Department of Biochemistry
21 Mohamed  Salah Sayed Elballal Department of Biochemistry
22 Fatma Ahmed Ahmed Gaweesh Department of Biochemistry
23 Fatma Saeed Mostafa Mohamed Department of Pharmaceutics
24 Mostafa Ibrahim Gebril Ismail Department of Pharmaceutics
25 Nada Nabil Abd-Elraouf Department of Pharmaceutics
26 Mohamed Shalaby Abd El-gafar Yasin Department of Pharmacognosy
27 Khalid Abd El-hay Mahmoud Agha Department of Chemistry
28 Nada Ashraf  Amin Ahmed Department of Chemistry
29 Ali Mohamed Waseem Mohamed Department of Chemistry
30 Amr Mohamed Abd El-fatah Ali Department of Chemistry
31 Ahmed Mohammed Abo El-yazed Department of Chemistry
32 Asmaa Abd El-fattah El sayed Department of Clinical Pharmacy
33 Kamilia Magdy Mohamed Ibrahim Department of Clinical Pharmacy
34 Ahmed Hany El sayed Department of Pharmacognosy
35 Heba Mohsen Mohamed Ali Department of Microbiology
36 Abdulrahman Atef Ibrahim Department of Microbiology
37 Wael El Sayed Mohamed Kamel Department of Microbiology
38 Moataz Badawy Zewail Department of Pharmaceutics
39 Abdurrahman Ragab Ibrahim Department of Pharmaceutics
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