Program: General

The Faculty of Nursing at BUC offers a general nursing program adopting a general curriculum that structures the principles and educational objectives to give the student a broad background.  In addition to the general nursing education courses the students acquire specialized foundational courses and specialized knowledge and skills in a systematic and stepwise manner which deepens their understanding of the society and culture as well as the nature of Nursing.

Practical training starts from the very first level to ensure that students learn while relating to scientific knowledge in nursing and actual real events exposure.  The training sites cover a wide range primarily focused on health, illness and community- oriented institutions.

The program is designed in such a way as to plant the seeds for having all students continue to grow on into the future in their capacity as nurses of various specialty areas.

Students are qualified for the license in Egypt and for the national examination in various countries of the world and can continue their education in highly specialized nursing areas.

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