Endorse and uphold the principles of cultural humility and sensitivity, working in partnership with the communities it serves to co-create mutually beneficial relationships and improve health outcomes.

1. Educational programs and student engagement Goal:

Develop high quality educational programs to prepare nurse clinicians, educators and scientists for leadership in a global dynamically changing and
culturally diverse healthcare environment.


1. Align academic programs and curricula with current and emerging health workforce priorities, implement process of curricula review/revision to ensure continuous quality improvement.

2. Design and implement a comprehensive and holistic admission process for selection of students .

3. Promote student and alumni engagement to advance learning, scholarship, and professionalism and the mission and vision of FON.

4. Graduate practice clinicians who are the preferred hires of BUC clinical partners.

5. Engage the recruitment, retention, engagement and satisfaction of educational staff.

2. Professional Excellence

Goal: Excel in educational practices, clinical practice and clinical scholarship


1. Increase interprofessional education learning and practice opportunities.

2. Enforce opportunities for interprofessional faculty practice and learning within the health system to advance collaboration and engagement of faculty and students in clinical leaning environments.

3. Promote scholarship and professional development of clinical faculty.

4. Offer professional development programs that advance practice, foster entrepreneurship, enhance professional specialization.

3. Research

Goal: Excel in high-impact, innovative research and entrepreneurial activities that transform healthcare and improve health


1. Consistently ranks in the top 5 national Faculties of Nursing

2. Build professional reputations in areas of current health funding (critical care, prevention and promotion of endemic diseases, management of nursing service, maternal and new born health)

3. Increase research faculty productivity

4. Resources and Sustainability
Goal: Generate new and optimize existing Faculty resources to advance the mission of FON

1. Increase visibility and importance of FON- research originality, undergraduate and future graduate programs, community and global partnership, scholarship and service, faculty, students and graduates.

2. Consistently employ sound financial practices and strategies to ensure the sustainability of the FON through professional development programs, faculty expertise and academic reputation,

3. Optimize physical space to align with academic priorities

4. Improve university technology resources to insure optimization of existing  resources and identification and effective utilization of new resources to support FON strategic plan

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