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Dean’s Biography:

Cheherezade Ghazi (RN, DPH, MPA, MSN, Dip.Ed.Technology)

Is the Dean of the Faculty of Nursing, Badr University, Cairo Egypt and Professor of Community Health.  She was formerly the founding Dean of the Faculty of Nursing, British University of Egypt.  She is a member of the Research Ethical Committee (IRB) at the Children’s Hospital 57357, and member of the Nursing Sector Higher council of Universities.

She was Director of the Faculty of Nursing, Cairo University and vice dean for students’ affairs and graduate studies.  She served as a consultant and technical advisor for WHO, UNICEF and USAID in both Egypt and countries of the Eastern Mediterranean Region.  She was WHO coordinator for Health projects in the North of Iraq for the UN Oil for Food program from 1999 to 2003.  She also worked as a WHO Nurse educator in Djibouti from 1992 to 1997. She was elected as ICN board member representative of the Middle East for four years.  She supervised around 80 master theses and 20 Doctoral theses.


Dean’s Message

Future Nurses citizens of the World,

You have decided to select a profession which is full of opportunities, challenges and strengths and will place you in the forefront of the health care team.  Your role in health promotion, prevention of illness, patient advocacy and improvement of the health care is limitless.

Nursing is not easy and demands that you have the courage and the will to develop academically and persevere in helping others to achieve their optimum health through a humanitarian, ethical and safe provision of care.

Best wishes for a bright and rewarding future



  • To provide educational strategies that help students acquire problem solving, evidence-based practice, knowledge and aptitudes needed to provide culturally sensitive health care.
  • To be the core of quality care following the principles of individual and long-life learning
  • To meet the changes and challenges as well as opportunities that are influencing nursing development



To be the pillar of the Egyptian Nursing profession impacting on the health of the society through excellence in nursing education, research, practice and community service



Excel in educational practice, clinical practice and clinical scholarship

Excel in high impact, innovative research and entrepreneurial activities that transform health care and improve health

Generate new and optimize existing faculty resources to advance the mission of the Faculty of Nursing



B.Sc. in Nursing (BSN): 

Career Potentials of BUC Nursing Graduates

The BSN program is aiming at providing learners with the needed intellectual background, professional skills, attitudes and transferable skills to meet with the requirements of the profession and to acquire the outcomes necessary for the development and upgrading of the nursing profession.

The nurse will be able to function in a variety of set ups dealing with various members of the community at various levels of leadership.


Core Competencies of Graduates

Demonstrate knowledge, understanding, responsibility and accountability of the legal obligations for ethical nursing practice.

Provide holistic and evidence-based nursing care in different practice

Demonstrate effective managerial and leadership skills in the provision of quality nursing care.

Utilize information and technology to underpin health care delivery, communicate, manage knowledge and support decision making for patient care.

Collaborate with colleagues and members of the health care team to facilitate and coordinate care provided for individuals, families and communities.


Job Profiles

  • Infection Control
  • Quality Control
  • Case Management in all various specialties (Maternal and newborn health, Child Health, Adult Health, geriatric care, mental health, Community Health, etc.)
  • Healthcare Informatics
  • Assistant Nurse Manager
  • Charge Nurse
  • Nurse Educator
  • Clinical Development Specialist / Training & Development Specialist




Ministry of Health

Ministry of Education

Ministry of Higher Education


Proposed four years’ study plan

Level 1 , Semester 1 (Fall)
CodeCourse TitleCrPrerequisiteCode
MED1101Anatomy 12
MED 1102Physiology 12
SUP 1104English Language 12
MED 1103Microbiology
NUR 1105Professional Ethics 11
NUR 1106Fundamentals of Nursing 1 Theory3Co requisitesNUR 1107
NUR 1107Fundamental of Nursing 1 Practice5NUR1106
SUP 1108Introduction to Sociology1


 Level 1, Semester 2 (Spring)                                                                               
CodeCourse TitleCrPrerequisiteCode
MED1209Anatomy 22
MED 1210Physiology 22
SUP 1104English Language 12
MED 1103Biochemistry and Nutrition2
SUP 1215Communication and Group Dynamics2
NUR 1212Fundamentals of Nursing 2 Theory3Co requisitesNUR 1213
NUR 1213Fundamental of Nursing 2 Practice5NUR1212


 Level 2, Semester 1 (Fall)                                                                               
CodeCourse TitleCrPrerequisiteCode
NUR 2317Adult Health Nursing 1 Theory3Fundamentals of NursingNUR 1107

NUR 1106

NUR 2318Adult Health Nursing 1 Practice5Fundamentals of NursingNUR 1107

NUR 1106

MED 2320General Medicine and Gerontology2
NUR 2321Health promotion and Educational Technology2
MED 2320Introduction to Pharmacology2
SUP 2322English Language III2English language 1 and 2SUP1104,


MED 2323Applied Nutrition1General MedicineMED 1211


 Level 2, Semester 2 (Spring)                                                                               
CodeCourse TitleCrPrerequisiteCode
NUR 2424Adult Health Nursing 2 Theory3Fundamentals of NursingNUR 1213

NUR 1212

NUR 2425Adult Health Nursing 2 Practice5Fundamentals of NursingNUR 1213

NUR 1212

MED 2424General surgery and Specialties2
NUR 2321Epidemiology2
MED 2428Applied Pharmacology2
SUP 2322English Language IV2English Language 3SUP2322
MED 2323Applied Nutrition1Genera3l MedicineMED 1211


 Level 3, Semester 1 (Fall)                                                                         
CodeCourse TitleCrPrerequisiteCode
NUR3531Maternal and Newborn health Nursing theory3Co-requisite NUR 3532, MED 3533
NUR 3532Maternal and Newborn Health Nursing Practice4Co-requisite NUR 3531, MED 3533
MED3533Maternal and Newborn Medicine2
NUR 3534Role of NGOs2
NUR 3535Emergency Preparedness, mitigation and response2
SUP 3537English Writing2English languageSUP2322


 Level 3, Semester 2 (spring)                                                                               
CodeCourse TitleCrPrerequisiteCode
NUR 3638Child Health Nursing Theory3Co-requisite NUR 3638 Theory , SUP 3641
NUR 3639Child Health Nursing Practice5Co-requisite NUR 3638 practice, SUP 3641
MED 3643Pediatric Medicine and Neonatology2
SUP 3641Life span, Growth and Development2
NUR 3642Evidence Based Practice and Research Critique3
SUP 3643Advanced English writing2English WritingSup 3537


 Level 4, Semester 1 (Fall)                                                                               
CodeCourse TitleCrPrerequisiteCode
NUR 4745Family and Community Health Nursing theory3Co-requisite NUR 3638 Theory , SUP 3641
NUR 4746Family and Community Health Nursing practice3Co-requisite NUR 3638 practice, SUP 3641
NUR 4747Psycho-social aspects of Health Care2
NUR 4748Mental Health Nursing theory2
NUR 4749Mental Health Nursing practice3
MED 4750Psychiatric Medicine2Advanced English
SUP 4751Projects and Reports Writing2Sup 3643


 Level 4, Semester 2 (Spring)                                                                             
CodeCourse TitleCrPrerequisiteCode
NUR 4852Nursing administration, Leadership and Management Theory3Co-requisite NUR 3638 Theory, SUP 3641
NUR 4853Nursing administration , Leadership and Management Practice3Co-requisite NUR 3638 practice, SUP 3641
SUP` 4854Health Legislation and Economics2
NUR 4855Nursing Future Directions2
NUR 4856Graduation project3
Elective two choices of 4 for a total of 4 credits
ELC 4857Infection Control4
ELC 4858Quality Assurance and Accreditation of Nursing Services
ELC 4859Patient Safety
ELC 4860Nursing informatics


Facilities and Resources available at the Faculty of Nursing

A total of 7 classrooms that can accommodate 750 students and 3 seminar rooms to accommodate 75 students

A computer lab is available for 36 students and an anatomy lab for 24 students at a time.

The Faculty of Nursing is also utilizing 4 Nursing labs equipped with teaching models representing different patients and with the possibility of practicing nursing procedures and providing care.  Models are also available for cardio-vascular resuscitation and baby delivery as well as for providing newborn care. Anatomical models are also displayed in the anatomy lab.

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