Product Design Department

Media Design and Graphics Department

Interior design and furniture Department

Textile Engineering Department

Cinematography and Television Department

Apparel and fashion Department

Ceramics and Glass Department

Joining Departments:
· Students are allocated to the different programs after passing the Foundation level. The accepted number of students in each department is based upon market needs.

· Students are distributed according to their wishes and their GPA at the end of the Foundation level Added to their grades in two qualifying courses pertinent to their selected department.

· Qualifying courses for each department :
Product Design Department :
( Creative thinking ; Design Methods)- Media Design and Graphics Department 🙁 Creative thinking ; Computer Graphics1)- Interior Design and Furniture Department(Drafting; Intro to Ergonomics)

– Textile Engineering Department:( Design Basics; Mathematics)

– Cinematography and Television:

( Physics; Computer Graphics1)

– Apparel and fashion Department: (Drafting; Museum Studies)



Product Design Department
Mission :
Preparing a product designer who is capable of innovating and developing products of a practical nature and responding to the requirements of the environment and the consumer. All this while commanding the appropriate scientific techniques to solve production problems and meeting market requirements.Program aims:– Developing the creative and innovative abilities of students and preparing them for work in the fields of design and production.- Providing students with the right dosage of engineering materials and techniques to ensure their utmost performance in the industrial field- Training students on problem solving methods specially focused on Egyptian industry by the application of scientific research methods and techniques

– The use of computers and digital technologies in the processes of creating ideas, designs and product presentations through developing the student’s modeling and simulation ability.

– Training the student to explore new materials and manufacturing techniques to create future product concepts

The program contains a number of highly specialized courses…
Areas of specialization

1 – Industrial and product design offices

2 – Digital and Interactive design Technologies


3 – Design for the special needs products.

4 – Ecological and Environmental Product Design.

Media Design and Graphics Department
Vision :
The preparation of a creative graphic designer in the field of advertising design, means of visual communication, the arts of printing equipment and all the techniques of modern visual arts in a way that qualifies him to solve problems and meet market needs. This is achieved through the practice of innovation, scientific and applied research for the purpose of continuous sustainable development .The program aims: Preparing a designer capable of practicing scientific thinking in solving design problems to meet the needs and requirements of the community through;• Developing students’ abilities to generate new ideas, suggestions and solutions suitable for the type of targeted communication• Developing the creative thinking skills of students for the purpose of finding and developing new alternative communication methods

• Developing students’ cognitive, mental and professional skills that enable them to express visuals using modern media, graphics and images to suit the target audience and the needs of the surrounding environment.

· Adapting variety of tools and materials in the production of different graphic designs in innovative ways.

– The program contains a number of highly specialized courses…

Areas of specialization

· Printing & Digital design

· Broadcast designs(in TV, videos studio)

· Visual Image developer

· Digital User interface design

· Multimedia designs

Graphic design occupations

· Advertising Firms

· Internet and Software Development Companies

· Television Studios and Video Production Companies

· Corporate Branding and Consultation firms

· Academic faculties and Institutes

· Governmental organizations

· Newspaper and magazines

· Printing houses

Interior design and furniture Department
Preparing an interior designer capable of dealing with the continuous development and environmental variables of interior spaces and furniture items more suited to the human nature through functional and artistic determinants.Program aims-Cognitive acquisition of sciences associated with interior design and furniture-The ability to analyze the architecture and its interior space-Acquisition of design and technology tools and skills

-Developing the ability to imagine and design different practical solutions

-Analysis of interior design, furniture and development of operational plans

-Ability to analyze projects and manage its implementation processes

-Ability to evaluate design output and its development

Work opportunities:

The department offers a broad area of specialization where the graduate can choose between a number of different areas within the specialization according to his or her personal abilities and preferences such as:

· Interior design and architectural solution development.

· Furniture design and development of operational solutions according to different spaces.

· Operational drawings and engineering consultancy

· Pursuance of projects and technological analysis

· Complementary areas of interior design materials and furniture

· Television and theatre design.
The program contains a number of highly specialized courses.

Textile Department
Preparation of specialist Designers and engineers having innovative capacities in the field of design and technology of textiles. Able to exercise scientific research and solving the problems of the industry and developing the surrounding environment and society all while adhering to the profession ethics “.Program aims:· Application of advanced technologies in the field of textile design and production· Clarification of the relationship between material properties and the final product as well as the effect of textile structures on fabric properties· Application of planning, marketing and management systems in textiles industry

· Application of scientific thinking skills in tackling the textile industry problems

· Developing traditional craftsmanship

· Linking educational processes, practices and training in conjunction with industry

Work opportunities

· Textile production plant in the field of (design, engineering, production, planning testing, quality control, marketing, Dyeing, printing, finishing, merchandizing, etc….)

· Testing and Inspection laboratories.

· Design and fashion centers.

· Research centers.

· Academic faculties and Institutes

· Governmental organizations

· Private designing houses

· Private business (Importing, exporting textiles, spare-parts, machinery)

· In the field of crafts (handmade carpets, printed fabrics, etc…….)

-The program contains a number of highly specialized courses…

Cinematography and Television Department
Cinematography department, is the source of progressive, professional story telling through film, photography, television and cutting-edge new media. The department provides its students with foundational education and expertise to work in creative environments within business and arts.Program aims:Cinematography department, is the home of innovative, creative education in filmmaking, TV production, photography with an emphasis on story. We guide, instruct and empower our students to conceive and develop their story ideas, bringing them to life. We believe powerful stories, given a platform, can lift the human condition.The program contains a number of highly specialized courses…
Apparel and fashion
Message of the Department· Preparing a professional designer with innovative capabilities in the field of apparels and fashion design, with high technical and innovative capabilities· Preparing a designer capable of solving problems of the Apparel and fashion industry and keeping pace with the development of society and the surrounding environment within the framework of the ethics of the professionProgram Aims · Direct link to the garment industry and its supplements

· Preparation of the designer capable of keeping up with the lines of fashion in terms of trends and market needs.

The program contains a number of highly specialized courses… . (Hyperlink to the program courses in details )


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