A perfect blend of design passion, dedication &creativity
Be a source of purposeful creativity and design innovation.
A global level of competitiveness., an ability to exercise focused research in solving industry, society and environment problems with adherence to design professional ethics.
Strategic Plan

1. Provide specialized designers equipped with creative capabilities in design and related technology.


    1. Provide students with knowledge and skills in design practice, design research, and conscious practicality.
    2. Associate with industry and labor market by practicing design investigations.
    3. Provide an accommodating learning environment, and cutting edge digital equipment that make students marketable.
    4. Explore and incorporate new technology in classrooms and computer lab

2. Offer highly developed programs addressing the national standards.


    1. To be among the best accredited design programs in the nation.
    2. Associate with industry and labor market
    3. Maintain a strong focus on student learning that continues to develop

3. Achieve a national reputation for exemplary and challenging design education.


    1. Employ outstanding instructors,
    2. Stay abreast of new teaching methodologies and technology
    3. Continue pursuing teaching excellence by refining course materials and exploring varied instructional models

4. Promote student success


    1. Maintain a strong focus on student learning that continues to develop
    2. implementing student competitions in course projects and encouraging student involvement in conferences, Design Speaker Series, career days, field trips, etc.
    3. Assist students in securing internships and employment

5. Expand outreach and service to the community


    1. Maintain relationships with design professionals and vendors
    2. Continue utilizing area building professionals from the local and extended community
    3. Maintain and explore new articulation agreements
    4. Add equipment and software for distance education.
    5. Continue positive relationships with support areas: Art community, local industry, and Mass Communications.

• We embrace diversity and inclusivity in culture, identity and perspective; we are

open, approachable and welcoming


• We pursue excellence in our practices, and in our support for our learners,

faculty, staff, and external partners


• We are deeply committed to experimentation, free enquiry, and research to

maintain the strength of our community.


• We foster independence and liability; we value transparency and endorse

highest levels of specialized & ethical standards.


• We are thoughtful agile risk takers; we believe in a celebration of our creative process.

Student First:

• We are committed to being a student-centered institution. we consider first what best serves the education and well-being of our students.

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