BUC Business and Economics curriculum has been designed and developed based on intended learning outcomes that enable students to acquire basic knowledge and valuable skills in both business and economics as well as adopt appropriate professional attitudes and habits.

BUC Business and Economics offers a challenging 4-year undergraduate program leading to a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Corporate and Markets Finance, Marketing, Accounting, Human Resources Management, or Economics.

Students enrolled in BUC Business and Economics must successfully pass a total of 132 credit hours, including university requirements, school requirements, and specialization requirements.

BUC Business and Economics strives to contribute to the advancement of science and improvement of the standard of living and economic well-being of individuals, families, and communities in Egypt and internationally.

BUC Business and Economics is committed to graduating competent, confident, and ethical business leaders, entrepreneurs and economists who will contribute productively to business and society.


1- Finance
2- Marketing
3- Human Resources
4- General Track
5- Accounting & Auditing
6- Economics
7- Economics & Political Science

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