Year 3 & 4: Majors


(Badr University grants Bachelor degree in the following majors)

Business Administration

In today’s world, it is very important to study how to manage your own business affairs in order to succeed and remain strong in your market. School of Business & Economics offers students with the real opportunity to study business administration through one of our sub-programs

  1. Political Science

BUC graduates majoring in Political Sciences are equipped with a strong background in economic theory, political sciences and quantitative methods, and are in high demand in the job market.

Political scientists study government at all stages in their development, the process by which political decisions are made and various matters that affect government behavior.

  1. Business Administration (Finance)

Undergraduate courses offered by Finance major support the student with both practical applications and theoretical notions of Finance as a field. The major includes a wide range of finance courses such as; Financial Markets & Institutions, Investment Analysis & Portfolio Management, International Finance, and etc…

Finance is both art and science of managing money. The program aims to graduate students with solid background about finance and how to make financial decisions, the program is concerned with providing students with both basic and advanced insights of finance and how to effectively manage money.

  1. Business Administration (Marketing)

Undergraduate courses offered by Marketing major is to support the student with the most recent theories and application of Marketing. The major includes Advanced Marketing, Services Marketing, Consumer Behavior, International Marketing, and etc…

Marketing is how to create durable customer relationships through value. The program aims to graduate students who are creative to perform marketing activities in today’s world. The program is focusing on important marketing concepts that will help students to be creative and innovative marketers in their marketplace.

  1. Business Administration (Human Resources)

Undergraduate courses offered by Human Resources major is to support the student with the practical applications of HRM in the organizations. The major includes HR Planning, Compensation, Productivity and Performance Appraisal, etc…

Human Resources is concerned with the most valuable resource in any organization. The program aims to graduate students who are capable of managing staff at different operational levels and to effectively perform the different HR tasks. The program focuses its objectives on the HR activities performed by the department starting from analyzing job to developing both organization and employees.

  1. Business Administration (General Track)

Undergraduate courses offered by General Track support the student with an overview of business administration with a fine combination of the different managerial courses. The major includes HR, Marketing and Finance courses.

General Track has been widely recognized as a supplementary track to the major which helps the specialists with some sort of assistance. The program aims to graduate students with high quality background about business administration department and how to effectively perform and assist specialists within different fields of management.

  1. Accounting

Accounting does not make corporate earnings or balance sheets more volatile. Accounting just increases the transparency of volatility in earnings. Our department offering the full spectrum of accounting education, all delivered with the flexibility, accessibility and quality that students expect from BUC leading Accounting education department. BUC offers students with high quality educational services through our department.

  1. Economics

The undergraduate courses offered by the economics department are a well-balanced mix between theoretical and applied fields of economics. Courses include both introductory and intermediate microeconomics and macroeconomics, international trade, economic development, labor economics, money and banking, public finance and economics of Egypt. In addition, the special topic courses in theoretical and applied economics give interested students a vivid exposition of topical issues in economics.

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