BUC International MoUs and Agreements

Country Institute Faculty Activities
United Sates of America Shenandoah University Business/ Performing Arts Curriculum Review and Development
Springfield College Business Blended Learning Program
Winston Salem State University Physical therapy Manual Therapy & Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation Courses
Virginia Commonwealth University Physical therapy Spine Rehabilitation Course
Texas International Education Consortium Nursing Curriculum Review & Auditing/Quality
Child Development Associate Continuing Education Center Early Childhood Education Program
United Kingdom Robert Gordon University Pharmacy Student Exchange
China YueXiu University Languages Student Exchange & Curriculum Review
Renmin University of Chine Languages Student Exchange
Beijing Foreign Studies University Languages Student Exchange
Ningxia University China Languages Student Exchange
Xin Koa University China Languages Student Exchange
Italy Milano University Languages Student Exchange
Siena University Languages Student Exchange
SESHAT International Languages Student Exchange
Napoli University Languages Student Exchange
Torino University Languages Student Exchange
e-Campus University Languages Student Exchange
Engineering Blended Learning Program (Civil & Energy)
Sapienza University of Rome Languages Student Exchange
Medical Schools Curriculum Development
University of Campania Luigi Vanvitelli Languages Student Exchange
South Korea Kyungpook University Medical/Biotechnology Curriculum Review and Development
Incheon National University Medical/Biotechnology Precision Medicine (DNA Campus) and Medical Campus Integration
Engineering/ Applied Arts/Business 2+2 Programs
GEIDCO Engineering Join Global Energy iterconnection Development and Cooperation
Canda Sherbrooke university Common areas of study Teaching, research and student mobilit
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