The BUC Library Strategic Plan


Empower . Disseminate . Enlighten

The BUC Library is the core of knowledge that we capitalize on to unleash the potential of our students.  It also represents the forefront of incorporating knowledge and information into learning and teaching. The BUC library is committed to a user-centered approach in all aspects of its programs and services in order to serve the university community. It prides itself in utilizing state-of-art-technology to sustain and disseminate knowledge as well as information within the university and to the larger community.

In order to sustain and achieve the Goals and Objectives of the University, the BUC library’s strategic plan is aligned with the University’s strategic plan in all aspects.



To become the core source for learning, teaching, research and innovation for the success of the University community.



  • To deliver outstanding opportunities for excellence in learning, research and discovery;
  • To Enable the generation and preservation of knowledge;
  • To excel in providing access to the best scholarly and educational resources;
  • To provide high quality innovative services; and
  • To foster an atmosphere that encourages diversity, innovation, and continuous development.




  • Respect: Embrace our colleagues and users with integrity and respect;
  • Empowerment: Inspire the entire university community to exploit the Libraries’ resources for academic and research success;
  • Innovation: Engage users in creative and critical thinking with new and appropriate information and technology resources;
  • Communication: Communicate with the University community to highlight opportunities, resources and capabilities; and
  • Flexibility: Explore ideas and opinions, and provide flexible working hours.



Goal 1: Supporting Teaching, Learning, Research and Innovation;

Goal 2: Creating Spaces for Collaboration and Learning;

Goal 3: Enabling Research and Scholarship; and

Goal 4: Enhancing Collections and Access

Goal 5: Transformation to Digitalization



Objective 1: Improve search and use of scholarly resources;

Objective 2: Provide services to support undergraduate and graduate queries, research and scholarly exchange;

Objective 3: Strengthen the impact of the library collection and services for students & academic staff at all levels;

Objective 4: Develop the physical and digital library spaces and collection; and

Objective 5: Promote an organizational culture that helps library staff to enhance engagement with the BUC community.

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