Campus Life



  • The Bank

Qatar National Bank QNB

In our continuous quest to provide our students with all that is needed to facilitate their financial transactions with the BUC; we are proud to have an in campus branch of QNB.

Students can pay their fees easily without the hassle of dealing with cash payments.

The bank also opens its doors to all banking transactions to help serve the students and their parents.


The university has two ATM machines accessible to all students in the Foot Court area.

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  • Food Court

At BUC we provided our students with a huge variety of known restaurants and cafés that guarantee both the highest qualities and affordability.

The food court stretches on a huge area with beautiful greeneries and landscapes, facing the lagoon to provide a calming ambiance to our students. It has indoors and outdoors seating areas.

What’s better than having a nice cup of coffee with colleges facing the blue water while surrounded by greeneries!

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  • Stationary & Copying Center

A very well equipped stationary which provides our students with all the supplies they need.

All medical supplies needed for our undergraduates are available with competing prices

Highly professional copying services are offered in the copying center.


  • The Mosque

Coming from our firm beliefs to nourish the spiritual and religious aspects in our community; BUC built a Grand Mosque to be an architectural masterpiece in Badr City.

Covering an outstanding 1400 meters to host a huge number of worshippers from the University staff, students and the public. Worshippers can perform daily prayers, Friday prayers and TARAWEH prayers in the holy month of Ramadan.

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  • The Medical Clinic

BUC’s Students and staff health and wellbeing always come first.

At BUC we utilized the best health care possible, following the highest international medical standards.

At this medical facility, we aspire to provide unique health care to all patients using the latest medical equipment such as sonars, x-ray, ECG, and many more.

Also, there is a high tech laboratory to provide medical tests and analysis. It covers a wide range of clinical and diagnostic tests.

The clinic has many consultation and treatment rooms along several patients’ beds.

There are (6) doctors, (4) nurses to assist whomever in need of healthcare.

Patients are prescribed and provided with necessary medicines which are available in the clinic

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  • Transportations

BUC is equipped with a huge fleet of brand new air conditioned busses.

We make sure to reach all our students so we cover a huge area in Cairo.

We higher the most professional and well experienced drivers to guarantee the safety of our students.



  • Hostel and Accommodations

At BUC we offer our precious female students with fully furnished deluxe accommodations with all the necessary amenities.

The facility is highly secured 24 hours a day. A help desk operating 24 hours to provide support to both students and parents.

For all inquiries please contact:

Mr. Hassan Yousef Abdelrazek Ali


Landline: 02 28650400               Extension Number: 1112

Mobile Number: 01000931918

المنشأت والمرافق

At BUC we believe that a sound mind is in a sound body. Routine exercises at an early age is important to a lifelong health. Physical activities are one the most important key components in BUC’s curriculum.

To fulfil this purpose the BUC is equipped with state of the art spacious courts and stadiums which are highly equipped and following the international standards, each has modern changing rooms for males and females.

The Amenities

  • Football Fields.
  • Basketball and Handball Complex Courts.
  • Tennis Courts.
  • Volleyball Courts.
  • Running Track with Speed Ball.


Athletic Teams

BUC’s athletics teams provide an opportunity for students from diverse backgrounds to learn the value of teamwork, cooperation, and mutual respect.

BUC’s Teams

1- Football.



3- Handball.

4- Volleyball.

5- Speedball.

6- Tennis.

7- Judo.

8- Karate.

9- Boxing.

10- Ping Pong.


For all inquiries please contact:

Mr. Nagy Abd Al Aziz


Landline: 02 28650400               Extension Number: 1074

Mobile Number: 01202751250

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