“Military Production” and “Badr University in cairo” discuss cooperation in scientific research and training


2018-03-12 Views 5791

The Minister of Military Production Mohamed Al-Assar signed a protocol of cooperation between the Egyptian Academy of Engineering and Advanced Technology of the Ministry of Military Production and the Faculty of Engineering at Badr University, at the headquarters of the General Office of the Ministry of Military Production.

Al-Assar said that under this protocol, it was agreed on joint cooperation between the two sides in carrying out basic and applied scientific research, in order to link scientific research with the industry and develop the manufacturing and production system in Egypt.

Al-Assar added that it was also agreed that the Egyptian Academy for Advanced Engineering and Technology will provide the necessary facilities for the implementation of the projects of the students of the Faculty of Engineering at Badr University due to the distinguished academic facilities of the research potential and high-level laboratory. Faculty of Engineering for companies and units of the ministry and the holding of seminars and joint workshops, and will be reciprocal visits to faculty members of the two sides and the exchange of teaching and research experience them.

For his part, Ahmed Musa, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering at Badr University, said that this joint cooperation comes from the desire of the two parties to establish the foundations of scientific cooperation, research and training between them. He pointed out that what the Ministry of Military Production possesses and its affiliates of manufacturing capabilities, training and research centers can contribute In providing graduates with the practical experience that qualifies them to compete in the local and international labor market, stressing the College of Engineering’s capabilities and expertise in the fields of computer technology, information and scientific equipment for universities and the quality of education.

He pointed out that under this protocol, the Faculty of Engineering at Badr University will provide technical support to the Egyptian Academy of Engineering and Advanced Technology in the fields of information technology for the application of modern electronic systems in the fields of education and quality (LMS-SIS), and support the Academy with the latest technological systems in the field of Computers and information technology to develop education and student affairs systems and quality of education, as well as contribute to the development of the academy’s infrastructure for classrooms

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