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Prof.Hussein Hamouda

1. Name: Hussein Mahmoud Hussein Hamouda

2. Place and date of birth:: Cairo, 30 June 1956

3. Nationality: Egyptian

4. Civil status: married, two sons

5. Current position:

Chef of Italian Language and Literature Department, Faculty of Arts, Helwan University, Cairo, Egypt.

Freelance editor and translator, Doha Magazine (literature magazines)

Counsellor, National Archive of Egypt, National Centre for Translation.

7. Formation:



University of Ain ShamsUniversity of Ain ShamsUniversity of Ain Shams

from (month/year) to (month/year)


November 1974 –

September 1979

1985 -1987


November 1987-

October 1997


and/or Diplomas


Licence of Italian language–goodDiploma post- graduate: simultaneous and written translation – Master degree.Doctorate in comparative literature “Thousand and one Night  and  the  Decameron”

 8. Language skills (Level of fluency 1 to 5):


Arabic (mother tongue)555

9. Computer skills:

Operative Systems: MS DOS, Macintosh, Windows.

Software: Word, Excel,  Internet, Wordfast TM .

E-mail:         Hussein_october@hotmail.com


10.Precedent Professional Experience:

Vice Dean of the Faculty of Languages and Translation, Misr University of Sciences and Technology MUST

Head of Italian  department-  Faculty of Languages and Translation, MUST

Head of Italian Language and Literature, Helwan University, Egypt, from 1997 to 2011.

From Jan. to Sep. /2006, University of Rome (la Sapienza), visiting professor, department of Italian, with  Prof. Armando Gnisci, e school of oriental studies , with professor Isabella Camera D’Afflitto .




1979- 1997








PlaceCairo, EgyptMecca, Saudi ArabiaJeddah, Saudi ArabiaCairo, Egypt
SocietyOctober – a weekly magazine of Cairo.Al Nadwa – Daily NewspaperEl Sayarat, weekly and then monthly magazine.Akhbar el Yom Academy
PositionJournalistjournalistCounsellor editorprofessor
Description – Articles and reportages about cultural, social and politic mattersEditor responsible of sports, arts and local and international literature.Editor – directorJournalistic translation,


11. Conferences and Publications (in Arabic and other languages):

  • La poesia nelle piazze, i versi di protesta della primavera araba, Ensemble, Roma 2014.
  • Il contenuto italinistico nella rivista culturale egiaziana “al Risala” nella prima metà del Novecento, in Arablit.it: http://www.arablit.it/rivista_arablit/Numero7_8_2014/13_Mahmoud_Monaco.pdf
  • Mahfuz in Italy, Cairo 2012, Cairo 2013, (Flaiano Special Prize 2012, best itlianist of the year)
  • translation of “Different Story” of Armando Gnisci, Cairo 2007
  • translation of “European Literature seen by the Others” of Franca Sinopoli, Cairo 2007
  • translation of “The Last Tear” of Stefano Benni, Cairo 2007
  • translation of “Conversation in Sicily” of Elio Vittorini, Cairo 2009
  • translation of “Gesù of Nazareth” Of Benedetto XVI, Cairo 2009
  • translation of “The Lady is to be thrown away” by Dario Fo, Cairo 1998.
  • “Three Egyptian Writers in Ddiaspora” a study in “Testi e Studi”, a journal of University of Rome, Bulzoni editore, Rome 2008 (Helewan University Prize 2008, Best paper of the year in Humanities).
  • Azhar University international conference for the modern tendencies in Higher Education, Cairo, 2005>
  • Hermeneutic problems in the field of literature and Translation, Faculty of Languages, Ein Shams University, October 2003.
  • The first Translation National Conference, Past, Present and Future, Faculty of Languages, Ein Shams University, September 2000, Some translation problems in Arabic press (in Italian language :Alcuni problemi della traduzione nella stampa araba).
  • The Actual tendencies in literature and critic and their influences upon the modern thought and translation, Faculty of Languages, Al-Azhar University, 7-8 Mars 2000, Dario Fo Theatre position towards People’s liberation questions: Fedayn (in Italian: Il teatro di Dario Fo ed il suo atteggiamento verso le questioni della liberazione dei popoli : Fedayn).
  • Italian culture Presence in the Arab World,, 16-18 October 1982, La presenza italiana nei giornali egiziani”.
  • Con gli occhi di Mahfuz (interview with the writer ), Diario della Settimana, anno II n.16, 25-29 aprile 1997, pp.78-81.
  • Scarafaggi (translation of a short story and introduction of autore, Naghib Mahfuz), Diario della Settimana, anno II n.42, 29 October-4 November 1997, pp.72-75.
  • large number of translated projects over 25 years from EN, FR and Italian to Arabic.
  • large number of articles and translated fictions published in Arabic newspapers and magazines







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