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Prof.Cheherezade M.K. Ghazi

Curriculum Vitae

Cheherezade M.K. Ghazi, Professor Emeritus, Cairo University

Educational Background:

BSN                 1966     College of Nursing, Alexandria University, Egypt

MSN                 1970     Medical-surgical Nursing, UCSF California, USA

Dr. PH              1976     Public Health, High Institute of Public Health, Alexandria

Dip.Ed.Tech     1980     Educational Technology, Dundee College of Technology, Scotland

MPA                 1993     Public Administration, American University, Cairo – Egypt

Languages spoken:  French, English, Arabic

2014 to dateDean Faculty of Nursing Badr university – Badr City
2008 to 2014Dean of the Faculty of Nursing (MMNF)- British University of Egypt
2001 to 2003World Health Organization North Coordinator for the UN Oil for Food Program

Supervision, coordination and implementation of activities in the health sector

Sept.1997 to 1999Director College of Nursing, Cairo University
Dec 1992 to June 1997 WHO nurse educator, Djibouti/ Institute of Health Sciences.

Assist the Djibouti Military Medical services to plan and implement curriculum for assistant nurses and diploma nurses. Assist the National Health Insurance (OPS).

1989 – 1992Director of College of Nursing and chairman of Medical-Surgical department – Cairo

Clinical Training in Paris for three month

1983 – 1989Vice-Dean for students and Graduate affairs, and chairman of Medical-Surgical Department
1984-1989Part time night duty Nursing Officer responsible for the Nursing Administration of the Arab Contractors Hospital, Cairo (250 Beds)
1981 to 1983Sabbatical Leave Dundee College of Technology, Scotland

Staff Nurse Ninewells Hospital, Dundee – Scotland

1971 to 1974Assistant Lecturer in Medical-Surgical Nursing, training of students in the Medical-Surgical Wards, Nursing in the Burn Unit for War victims,  Kasr- El- Eini University Hospital  Work in France in Various Hospitals
1966 to 1971Clinical Instructor at the College of Nursing Cairo University

Other Professional Experience:

March 2016Expert group meeting on the Regional framework of Action on Strengthening Nursing and Midwifery in the Eastern Mediterranean region 2015-2025 Abu Dhabi
March 2016Global Advisory Panel on the Future of Nursing (GAPFON) Middle East Regional Meeting Abu Dhabi
March 2016Meeting of the Global Nursing and Midwifery Clinical Research Development initiative- Columbia Global Centers (CGC) Middle East and Columbia University School of Nursing- Amman Jordan
December 2015Expert group meeting on Regulation of Nurses, Midwives and allied health professionals in the Eastern Mediterranean Region, EMRO-WHO Cairo, Egypt
September 2015Consultation on the Global Strategic Directions on Strengthening Nursing and Midwifery 2016-2020 WHO headquarters, Geneva, 17 to 18 September 2015
May 2015Experts meeting: The Future of Nursing and Midwifery in the Eastern Mediterranean Region which is planned to be held in Geneva at WHO Headquarters on 29 May 2015
April 2015Consultation on the strategic directions for nursing and midwifery on the 25th of April, Amman , Jordan
April 2015The Future of Nursing and Midwifery in the Eastern Mediterranean Region, planned to be held in Amman, Jordan from 23 to 24 February 2015
2015Participant to the EMRO Regional Nursing Forum:  The Future of Nursing and Midwifery in the Eastern Mediterranean Region AMMAN/JORDAN, 22 – 23 FEBRUARY 2015
Nov,24 2014Presentation on behalf of EMRO to Tanta Faculty of Nursing:  Evidence based learning and how to bridge the gap between Research and Education in Nursing
2012-2014Planning, development, implementation and evaluation of Professional Certificates to various hospitals in Cairo
2011-2012Conducting a research for the WR office on: The Selection of Warning Messages for Tobacco products among the Egyptian Population, WHO – EMRO region
2010Nominated as advisor for the Validation Committee of Nursing degrees- Higher Council of Universities, Nursing sector
2010Tunisia: Regional Consultation on Development of a Regional Strategy on Human Resources for Health 2011-2020 and HRH Observatories in EMR Region, World Health Organization
2010 Member of the Expert Group on Scaling up of Medical and Nursing Education, World Health Organization, Geneva
2009WHO consultant for the review of Nursing education and development of a Nursing Professional structure at the Syrian Ministry of Health
January 2009 to presentMember of the General Advisory Board for the Nursing and Midwifery (GAGNM) for the General Director of  WHO- Geneva
2006-2008Consultant to Al Noor Foundation for the development of the Curriculum of the Faculty of Nursing (MMNF), Cairo
2003-2004Consultant WHO for the preparation of the report on the transfer of WHO programme in the North of Iraq (UNOFFP)
1997 to 2013International Advisory Panel member and article reviewer for the Eastern Mediterranean Health Journal, WHO
2008Advisor to the Egyptian Nursing Council for conducting a workshop to nurse leaders in Egypt for the development of the code of nursing practice and rules and regulations conducting the profession.
2008Presentation of a paper on Bridging the Gap between theory and practice in Nursing education, Jordan Al Zaytouna Nursing College for the Arab League of Nursing Colleges Conference on Quality assurance and accreditation of Nursing Curricula
2007WHO consultant for the Training of Trainers in Primary Health Care, Iraqi Minister of health Project managers
2007WHO HQ follow up meeting on the integration of Emergency Preparedness and Response in Nursing curricula
 2007ICN working Group   Geneva
2007WHO/JNC joint activity Working Group for the development of Emergency preparedness and Response in Nursing Curricula- Jordan
2007WHO Working group in Jordan for the development of curriculum for Health professionals in Iraq
February 2007WHO Short Term Consultant to conduct a workshop in Jordan for the accreditation of Health Sciences curriculum in Iraq ( Colleges of Medicine, Pharmacy, Dentistry and Nursing)
2006Assist the Nursing Sector at the Supreme Council to develop the standards and required competencies for nursing education in Egyptian Colleges of Nursing
2006Assisting Helwan University and the Military Academy develop a  B.Sc. nursing program
2006 till presentMember of the Nursing Sector at the Supreme Council of Universities – Egypt,
2006 till presentConsultant to Al Noor /Maghrabi Foundation for the development of the curriculum of the Faculty of nursing at the BUE
2006STC Egyptian-Swiss Development Fund – Final Evaluation – Combating Endemic Diseases in El Gezira, El Kebaba and Kafr El Kababa  Villages Project – Mansoura
2005STC Egyptian-Swiss Development Fund – Final Evaluation Reduction of Burn Incidence and its Complications in Assiut governorate
2005WHO Short term consultant for one month:  Situation analysis of Tunisian Nurses and Midwives and Workshop conduction for the development of a strategic plan for improvement
2005WHO STC in Lebanon for the evaluation of a nursing school sponsored by AGFUND

WHO for six weeks in Somalia: Planning, implementation and evaluation of a training course in clinical practice for nurses and midwives in education and service
2004Special Advisor for th   WHO special advisor in Bahrain on Disaster preparedness, Mitigation and Response
2000 to 2001WHO Short-term consultant for nursing service and education – North of Iraq.
1999WHO Short Term Consultant Iraq for training Nurse Leaders at the MOH/ BAGHDAD
2000WHO Short term advisor for preparing a report on the nursing situation in Djibouti and in Egypt, with MOH of each country
March/April 2000UNICEF consultant for Training of Trainers in Emergency Obstetrical Care in Upper Egypt and preparation of learning material
2000Planning and Supervising a course for African Nurses sponsored by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the NORAD for five weeks on Family Health
January  2000Training of Trainers in Reproductive Health for a period of five weeks in Yemen, Sanaa, AMIDEAST and USAID and preparation of training manual
September 1999UNICEF Participation for the preparation of Learning material on Emergency Obstetrical Care (EmOC initiative) especially in Communication, information, counseling and health education. Participation for the preparation of Learning material for UNICEF on Emergency Obstetrical Care (EmOC initiative) especially in Communication, information, counseling and health education. Participation for the preparation of Learning material for UNICEF on Emergency Obstetrical Care (EmOC initiative) especially in Communication, information, counseling and health education.
September 1999UNICEF Participation for the Training of the Health Team in Upper Egypt on EmOC initiative in Management
1999UNICEF Planning, implementation and follow up of TOT of Nurse Leaders from Upper Egypt in EmOC
1999Scientific committee for the selection of Researches to be present in the Quality Control Conference
1999Design, implementation and coordination of a course on Family Health for African Nurses from selected countries, as a contract between the NORAD and the EFTCA, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
1999AMIDEAST/USAID Design implement and evaluate a tailored course for physicians and nurses from Yemen in primary health care.
   1999WHO Short Term Consultant, Libya for Nursing Profession rules and Regulations and accreditation
1998WHO short term consultant for analysis of problems in Nursing and Introduction of Primary Health Care in Nursing Curricula, Training of paramedical personnel in PHC in Iraq
1998Consultation on Revision of curriculum and analysis of needs for training in PHC in the Project of Rehabilitation of PHC centers, UNDP project, Iraq, WHO/EMRO
1997Consultation with UNICEF for the Evaluation of the Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative Djibouti
1997Planning and implementation of a Two-week Workshop for the national teachers in Lebanon, to orient them to the new implemented curriculum
1997Consultation on revision and design of National Training nursing programs in Lebanon, WHO/EMRO
1994Consultation on Improving Clinical Nursing Practice, Teheran Islamic Republic of Iran, WHO/EMRO
1994Consultation UNICEF Djibouti, for the implementation of the Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative
1994Planning, implementing and evaluating a Workshop on the Promotion of  Breast feeding for health personnel with national counterparts and UNICEF
1994            Planning and implementing a Workshop on AIDS for Health Professionals in Djibouti, WHO sponsored
1992WHO Working Group on Problem Solving Education for Medical colleges, Geneva
1992WHO Working Group on Teaching Learning Material, EMRO Syria
1992Consultant to the Ministry of Health for the Revision of Curriculum of Technical Nursing Schools, sponsored by WHO
1992Working group to design written material on educational technology for the Ministry of Health, sponsored by WHO
1991/1992UNICEF national consultant to help different health set ups in the planning, implementation and evaluation of the Baby Friendly Initiative in Upper Egypt as well in Al Azhar University.
1991Consultation on the Integration of Essential Drugs in the Curriculum of Medical, Pharmacy, Dentistry and Nursing Colleges, sponsored by WHO, Fayed, Ismailiah
1991WHO short term consultant for the Evaluation of Primary Health Programs in Dubai, UAE
1991Consultation working group on the Future of Nursing in Egypt, and designing a proposed plan of action by the Year 2000[WHO sponsored]
1991Conducting a workshop on Competency-based community oriented curriculum to the academic staff, College of Nursing, Cairo
1991Planning and Organizing Committee of the Workshop on “The future of Nursing Training and Education”, sponsored by the Supreme Council of Universities and EMRO
1991WHO Short Term Consultant for EMRO to assist Faculties of Medicine, Dentistry and Nursing design and implement a learning module on Integration of HIV/ AIDS in the Educational program, 3 months
1991WHO Consultation group on the Integration of HIV/AIDS in the Curriculum of Medical, Nursing and Social Workers schools, EMRO
1991WHO Short term consultant for one week in Rabat, Morocco, Interregional workshop on the Evaluation and adaptation of Teaching Learning Material
1991/90Planning and supervising the Implementation of a Tailored Course on MCH and Community Nursing offered to upgrade Nurse Leaders Working in Primary Health Care Units in Cairo, sponsored by USAID for the Child Survival Project, Egypt
1990WHO Short Term Consultant for two weeks in Rabat, Morocco to conduct a workshop on planning a Competency Based Curriculum for health professionals
1990Conducting a workshop on the preparation of Videotape material for the Ministry of Health Nurse Leaders, Cairo
1990/91Consultant for a Workshop on Problem Solving and Decision Making given to African Nurse Leaders, sponsored by the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Japanese International Co-operation Agency, Cairo
1989Member of a Working Group to design a module on the Integration of Primary Health Care to the Nursing Curriculum sponsored by WHO
1989Consultant Ministry of Health to assist in the design of Learning Modules for Nursing schools
1989Conducting a Workshop on the preparation of learning modules in Nursing for the officials and teachers of the Ministry of Health, Cairo
1988Conducting a series of workshops in different governorates schools of nursing to orient teachers of the Ministry of health on Educational Technology
1987/88Consultant for a workshop on Educational Technology given to African Nurse leaders, sponsored by the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Japanese International Co-operation Agency, Cairo
1981/87Consultation for the Suez Canal University for the Design of a Community Oriented Nursing Program
1987WHO short term Consultant for two months and conducting a Workshop on Curriculum Design at the Center for Educational Development, Baghdad
1987Conducting a workshop on: Implementation of Primary Health Care in Nursing Service and Education, Ministry of Health –Cairo

Professional Memberships:

1999 to June 2000        Member of the Board of Directors Association of Faculties and Colleges of Nursing, Arab Federation for Arab Universities

1999 to present             Member of the Association for Quality Assurance in Health

1981 to 1985                 Member of the ICN Board of Directors, for the EMR

1984 to 1988                 Second Vice  President of the Egyptian Nurses Syndicate

Seminars and Congresses:

2012     Nursing Conference on Patient safety, Dammam University, SA

2012     Launching Patient Care initiative meeting, Muscat, Sultanate of Oman

2012     Medical WHO regional meeting, Tunisia,

2011     Nursing WHO regional advisory committee meeting. Muscat, Sultanate of Oman

1999     The ICN Congress in Great Britain

1999     The International Nursing Conference in Jordan

1999     The Second Conference on Quality Assurance in Medicine, Egypt

1998    International Conference on Occupational Health, Cairo

1997     The Third Medical Conference of the Horn of Africa, Djibouti

1996     The Second Medical Conference of the Horn of Africa, Djibouti

Supervised about 40 Master and Doctorate researches.

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