BUC Celebrating the 64th Police Anniversary

Badr University congratulates police 64 anniversary

2016-01-23 Views 26328

In a scene expresses the bonding strength, cohesion between academic institutions and the Egyptian police, sent the university a delegation of administration, personnel and sons students to offer congratulations on the occasion of the 64 Egyptian valiant police gala at the headquarters of the Badr City Police Department and provided through the university roses delegation and congratulated the police and was received delegation Mr. Eng / Mustapha Fahmy (Mayor device) and Mr. Dean / Yasser Abdel Gawad bailiff department and the rest of the leaders of the police department and there was meeting the national spirit and joy and to uphold the concepts and values of love and national cooperation.

And the consolidation of the concept of Egypt’s first and long live Egypt … Long live Egypt … Long live Egypt

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