BUC Science Academy


BUC Science Academy has been recently established aiming to be internationally leading and impactful through a cutting-edge interdisciplinary research that can provide solutions to global challenges related to health, science and humanities. Partnership between BUC and multiple global organizations is growing enormously to improve quality of education and research offered at BUC. BUC Science Academy vision is to define frontiers in science and technology domains worldwide. Mission of BUC Science Academy is to provide diverse instrumentation and expertise for researchers in fields ranging from biological and medical sciences, advanced studies in genetic engineering, stem cells research, chemistry, physics and engineering, facilitating interdisciplinary collaboration that is crucial in the understanding, development and translation of innovative technologies.

Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Elsabahy (Director)

Dr. Mahmoud Elsabahy is the Director of the Badr University in Cairo (BUC) Science Academy. He has been the Assistant Director of the Laboratory for Synthetic-Biologic Interactions at Texas A&M University (2011-2020) and, currently, he is a visiting scientist at Texas A&M University (Texas, USA), an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Pharmacy (Assiut University, Egypt). He has completed M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees from the Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Montreal “Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology” (Montreal, Canada). He contributed to ca. 70 publications, all in international top-profile peer-reviewed journals, book chapters and international patents, and he is the PI/senior investigator on several grant applications. The publications include those furthering the use of nanotechnology in the targeted delivery of therapeutic and diagnostic agents (e.g., corresponding author for several articles in Nature Communications, Chemical Society Reviews, Journal of the American Chemical Society, Nano Letters, Journal of Controlled Release, Accounts of Chemical Research, etc.). On May,2016, he received the National Egyptian Incentive Award and on August, 2017, he received the Excellence Medal “First Class” from the Egyptian President.

VP Research

The Vice President for Graduate Studies, Research and International Affairs coordinates efforts towards establishment and development of graduate studies, research and international affairs.

BUC Research & Innovation Stratigic Plan

In agreement with the national strategic plan “Egypt Vision 2030”, BUC commitment to research and innovation aims to place BUC as one of the world’s leading universities. This will help to provide the highest quality learning opportunities for our students.

BUC Main Research Priorities and the Supporting Interdisciplinary Research Areas:


Research at BUC is supported by several national funding mechanisms, including, The Academy of Scientific Research and Technology (ASRT), and The Science and Technology Development Fund (STDF).


To address global challenges in health, water and energy via cutting-edge interdisciplinary research and innovation. We aim to change our beloved country, Egypt, and the world around us, to a better place built on pillars of humanities, equality and diversity, and embedded with innovative strategies and solutions to improve quality of life. BUC provides the highest standards for research and education and has a facility dedicated to multidisciplinary and innovative research.

Research Ethics

At BUC, the ethical principles of research are carefully considered, including, honesty, objectivity, integrity, openness, honoring intellectual property rights, knowledge dissemination, non-discrimination, legality, animal care and human subjects protection.
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