Step One: Application

Applicants must fill an online application through the university’s website (Click here to start online application).
Applicants must attach all required documents.
Application fees should be paid through E-payment. The application will be processed by Administration Department and a confirmation email and message will be sent to applicants.

Step Two: Admission Tests

(English Language Placement Test / Skills Test / Personal Interviews)
1- TOIEC Placement Test: Compulsory for all applicants. Tests reservations are done online and confirmed after the E-payment of the TOIEC test fees. A Confirmation form with the test date and time will be sent to the applicant containing the test date, time and location.
2- Skills Test: is a test for applicants to the School of Applied Arts.
After test fees payment a confirmation email will be sent to the applicants with date, time and location.
3- Personal Interviews: Are required for applicants to the School of Nursing and the School of Performing Arts. Appointments are reserved online through a screen of available dates for personal interview. After registration a confirmation email will be sent to the applicant containing date, time and location.

Step Three: Selection

Is done descendingly in the different schools according to the total GPA and Percentage in the Secondary Stage results, for applicants who have already finished the admission tests only.

SchoolEgyptiansNon Egyptians
 1School of Medicine  95% 58%
 2School of Dentistry 90% 58%
 3School of Pharmacy  90% 58%
 4School of Physical Therapy 90% 58%
 5School of Veterinary Medicine —- 58%
 6School of Bio-Technology 70% 58%
 7School of Applied Medical Sciences  70%58 %
 8School of Nursing 55 % 55 %
 9School of Applied Arts 70% 58%
 10School of Engineering 80% 58%
 11School of Business 60% 55 %
 12School of Political Sciences and International Affairs 60% 55 %
 13School of Linguistics and Translation  60% 55 %
 14School of Performing Arts 55 % 55 %
 15School of Humanities 55 % 55 %
 16School of Law 55 % 55 %
Regulations for Transfer Students

GPA should not be less than 2.0 points. In case the numbers of applicants exceeds the School Capacity, there will be internal screening and coordination according to their GPA
Courses with total percentage less than 60% in the applicant’s transcript will not be equated or accredited.
The student’s equated hours should not exceed 50% of the School’s credit hours, provided that the student studies in the School to which he is transferred 3 years in Scientific Colleges, and 2 years in Theoretical Schools.
Rules for Gap Years:
Maximum Gap Years for Scientific Schools are 2 years ONLY.
Maximum Gap Years for Theoretical Schools are 4 Years ONLY.

How to Authenticate your Certificates?

Authentication means validation and authentication.
All certificates should be validated first by the issuing institute, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the relative countries, and the Egyptian Embassy in that country.
Otherwise, Certificates should be validated by the Embassy of the Country from which the applicant acquired the certificate, in Egypt, then from the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Certificates from the Two Americas, Russian Countries, and Eastern Europe should be Validated and Authenticated by the Cultural Consulate of the relative Country.
Non-Authenticated Certificates, and those are not validated by the Egyptian Embassies abroad or the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs will be disregarded.

Admission Requirements for BUC

Thanawiaya Amma Or Al Azhar Certificate

The Original Thanawiaya Amma Certificate, or its equivalent certified by the Egyptian foreign affairs
Original Birth Certificate
A Copy of the applicant’s National ID or passport
A Copy of the parents’ ID (Father and Mother)
6 personal photos size 4×6 with white background
Number 2 military forms (for males)
Males (Wanted for military recruitment) should present form 6 (this is available in the relative Police Department mentioned in their ID).

American Diploma

The original Certificate + their school GPA certificates for G10, G11, and G12 authenticated by the following authorities:
(Inside Egypt) the Egyptian Cultural Consultant in Washington- The School’s Educational Administration.
(Abroad) Certificates should be authenticated by the Egyptian foreign affairs or the Egyptian Embassy in the relative country.
A letter from the School confirming that the student has successfully studied G10, G11, and G12 of the American system, certified by the Educational Administration.
School abroad; A letter from the Amideast- Dokki, certifying that the school is certified by The American Schools Association
SAT Certificate validated by The Amideast- Dokki, in addition to the Username and Password
Egyptian Preparatory Certificate, or a year by year academic sequence from G1 to G12 (authenticated by the educational administrations inside Egypt or the Foreign – outside Egypt.
For certificates from inside Egypt (Arabic and Religion exams should be authenticated from the Educational Administrations)
An Authenticated Birth certificate.
Number 2 military form (for males).
Number 6 military form for males born 1996.
A copy of the student’s ID or passport.
A Copy of the parent’s ID or passport.
6 personal photos 4×6.

IGCSE Certificates

Applicant should cover minimum 8 subjects in O-Level with minimum C grade (All Original documents should be authenticated from the following authorities: – The British Council – The Egyptian Foreign Affairs – The relative Educational Administration (For Schools inside Egypt only).
The Egyptian Preparatory Education Certificate, or an academic sequence from G1 to G12 (Authenticated by the Egyptian Foreign Affairs).
Arabic and Religion Exam results authenticated by the Educational Administration.
An Authenticated Birth certificate.
Number 2 military form (for males).
Number 6 military form for males born 1995.
A Copy of the student’s ID or passport.
A Copy of the parent’s ID or passport.
6 personal photos 4×6.

List of criteria and related discounts applicable to the full program years
1Honor/Top Thanawiya Amma StudentsFirst Top 50 students in Egypt in the Thanawiya Amma CertificateTop 10 Students of the IG and the American Diploma75%
2International ChampionshipsStudents who attain First position in an International Championship25%
Students who attain Second position in an International Championship15%
Students who attain Third Position in an International Championship10%
3University Top StudentsThe Top Student (Highest CGPA) on Every Class in Every School at the BUC providing that they get more than 3.8 GPA50%
Excellent Students (A+) CGPA 3.8 or more20%
Excellent Students (A) CGPA 3.6 or more10%
4FUTURE SCHOOLsGraduates of the FUTURE SCHOOLSProviding that they Succeed all semesters with CGPA ≥ 2.520%
5Children of University EmployeesChildren of BUC EmployeesProviding that they Succeed all semesters with CGPA ≥ 2.520%
6Children of Academic Staff MembersChildren of an Academic Staff members (One of the parents)-Providing: That they Succeed all semesters with CGPA ≥ 2.5

-That One of the parents is currenly employed in an Egyptian Univesity and not abroad

7Death of the Parent/GuardianProviding that the Gurdian’s death takes place during studying at the BUC, and the discount continues for ONE Academic Year.15%
8Siblings Discount– A 5% Discount is granted to the second joining sibling– A 5% Discount is granted to the First joining sibling, providing that both siblings attain CGPA ≥ 2.5 5.

– Both siblings’ discount is cancelled in case one of them gets CGPA less than 2.5

9Children of the MartyrsChildren of the Army and Police men martyrs are granted a 50% discount as of the Second Academic Year, and it continues all through the University Years, providing that they acquire CGPA ≥ 2.550%
10Siblings of Martyrs– 10% Discount is granted to the Army and Police Men Martyrs as of the Second Academic Year and continues all through the University years, providing that they cquire CGPA ≥ 2.510%
Discounts applicable for ONLY the first year of the registered program with BUC
SchoolPercentage in the Secondary CertificateDiscount
1School Of Business Administration and Economic and Financial Sciences80%- Less than 85%
85% – Less than 90%30%
90% or more40%
2School of Linguistics and Translation80%- Less than 85%
85% – Less than 90%30%
90% or more40%
3School of Engineering85% – Less than 90%
90% or more20%
4School of Nursing65% – Less than 75%
75% or more30%
5School of Performing Arts60% – Less than 80%
80% – Less than 85%
– Children of Artists and Distinguished talents
– 85% – Less than 90%
– Applicants with a University Degree who want to join the School of Performing Arts
90% or more40%
Tuition and Fees:

You can find below the tuition fees for each school per semester:

SchoolsTution Fees (PER SEMESTER)
Egyptians (EGP)Non Egyptians (USD)
2Oral and Dental Medicine65,0006,100
3Clinical Pharmacy45,0004,250
4Drug manufacturing Pharmacy42,5004,000
5Physical Therapy37,5003,500
6Veterinary Medicine37,5003,500
8Allied Health Sciences30,0002,800
10Engineering and Technology35,0003,300
11Applied Arts30,0002,800
13Business and Economics27,5002,600
14Languages and Translation22,5002,100
15Film making and Performing Arts40,0003,750
16School of Political Sciences30,0002,800
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