To position BUC as a leading regional center of learning & research excellence, deepening its culture of innovation & achieving local and global impact through our students, alumni & strategic partnership.


To create a transformative educational experience for our students & graduates focused on multi-disciplinary knowledge, leadership, communication, and interpersonal skills to attract and retain talents preparing them to become the future leaders & innovators and to impact society nationally, regionally, and globally by engaging with partners outside the borders of the university campus.

International Partnerships


Winston-Salem State University BUC
Winston-Salem State University
Virginia Commonwealth University BUC
Virginia Commonwealth University
Vanvitelli University BUC
Vanvitelli University


Texas International Education Consortium BUC
Texas International Education Consortium
Ocean County College BUC
Ocean County College
Napoli University BUC
Napoli University


La Sapienza BUC
La Sapienza
Loma Linda BUC
Loma Linda
Milano University BUC
Milano University


La Sapienza ‘Unitelma’ Univ BUC
La Sapienza ‘Unitelma’ Univ
Kyungpook National University BUC
Kyungpook National University
Italian Cultural Institute in Cairo BUC
Italian Cultural Institute in Cairo


Cardiff Metropolitan University BUC
Cardiff Metropolitan University
E- Campus University BUC
E- Campus University
Incheon National University BUC
Incheon National University

National Partnerships



Founded in 1951, AMIDEAST is a leading American nonprofit organization engaged in international education, training, and development activities in the Middle East and North Africa. We believe that self-forged, fulfilled lives lead to understanding, mutual respect, and a more peaceful, productive world.


– Administer the TOEIC Bridge IP online test as an (BUC admission exam).
– Administer the TOEIC listening and Reading IP online as an (exit exam for graduating students).
– Administer AMIDEAST certified exam.
– PCELT teacher training.
— English for specific purposes (ESP).
– Student advising: study abroad opportunities.

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