Our Culture:


  1. The founders of Badr University in Cairo (BUC), are concerned about the divergence between the knowledge and skills genuinely needed by the Egyptian economy versus the knowledge and skills possessed by university graduates. We are hopefully aiming to reach a prosperous and enlightened society, thus we decided to establish a first class, nonprofit, private university in a new urban setting endowed with all the necessary physical, human, and intellectual capacities.
  2. BUC strives to be a premier place of learning and scientific discovery, and a guiding light for the Egyptian renaissance in the 21st century.


  1. The mission of BUC is to have a positive influence on society through exploring, discovering, disseminating and applying knowledge, and to provide the highest level of education, academic scholarship and research.
  2. BUC will fulfill its mission by supporting diverse forms of academic and research activities, ranging from undergraduate to advanced graduate and professional education, and from basic scientific research to applied scientific research and applied arts. BUC aspires to become one of the top universities in Egypt and the Middle East. BUC will strive to empower students to take advantage of their education, to respect ideas and free expression, and to develop their capabilities, interests and full intellectual and human potential in the service of humanity.

Core Values:

  1. Academic freedom
  2. Academic excellence and impact
  3. Competence
  4. Integrity
  5. Respect
  6. Social responsibility
  7. Equal opportunity
  8. Empowerment and ethics

BUC Policies:

Studying at BUC is a privilege that confers certain rights and obligations to each student. BUC strives to provide and maintain a safe, secure and positive learning and research environment for all students through the implementation of the Student Code of Conduct. Any violation of the Student Code of Conduct by a student will result in disciplinary action, consequences and penalties in accordance with Articles 180-184 of Law 49/1972, Articles 123-129 of the Executive Bylaws : 49/1972, Law 12/2009, and BUC Bylaws.


Academic Calendar Year 2017- 2018

Academic Calendar Year 2017- 2018

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