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BUC starts the dialogue with Rimini Meeting

In their visit to BUC, the exponents of The Rimini Meeting, led by Emilia Guarnieri, The Head of the Foundation and prof. Hassan el Qalla, Chairman of the BUC Board of Trustees, started a dialogue to strengthen the academic potential of BUC and advocate for the intercultural dialogue.

The meeting hosted from the Italian side, Prof. Simoncini, Dean of The Faculty of Jurisprudence’ Florence University; Prof. Fortran, Prof. Marco Luigi, and from the Egyptian side the University

President Prof. Mostafa M. Kamal and Vice President Prof. Ashraf Ghalib. This encounter was organized by Prof. Wael Faruq, Of the University of Milan’ Sacro Coure, and from the BUC side prof. Hussein Mahmoud, Dean of the School of Linguistics and Translation and prof. Fatma Taher.

The Meeting resulted in the following points

The high potential of receiving many visiting Professors from the renowned Italian and European Universities, sponsored by The Rimini Meeting

Planning a future framework agreement with the University of Florence.

It is highly expected that the relationship between BUC and The Rimini Meeting is to be further develop for the welfare of intercultural dialogue based on educational interests.

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