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Mr. Bassam Al-Shamma at BUC

Mr. Bassam Al-Shamma, Egyptologist, Historian and member of the Egyptian Society for the Study of History, visited BUC invited by The Spanish Department under the supervision of Pro. Manar Abdel Moez, Head of the Spanish Language Department. He met all the University High administration board: Pro. Mostafa Kamal, The University President, Dr. Ashraf Haidar Ghaleb, Vice President for Graduate Studies and International Cooperation, and Prof. Ibrahim Al-Qala, Vice President for Education and Student Affairs as well as Prof. Hussein Mahmoud, Dean of the School of Linguistics and Translation. Mr. Bassam Al-Shamma gave a very interesting lecture entitled “The Genius of Ancient Egyptian”, where he illustrated a collection of photographs about Ancient Egyptian inventions and innovations in the various fields. Mr. Shamma cleared some of the most common misconceptions about Ancient Egyptian history. At the end of the lecture Prof. Hussein Mahmoud, Dean of the Faculty, presented the University Trophy to Mr. Shamma as a thank you note.

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