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The History of Jerusalem on the Fourth Day of BUC Festival

Dr. Mohammed Solaiman, Secretary-General and Spokesman of Badr University in Cairo, said that the University, as part of its celebration of the third annual festival of the university under the title of Egypt, has prepared 3 cultural symposia in response to the students of the university. In Cairo, where he discussed the history of Jerusalem.

He stressed that all the constants confirm that Jerusalem is Arab and that the Arabs are the indigenous people in Jerusalem and that they chose to be their capital. Indeed, all international documents on the United Nations and the Security Council recognize that Jerusalem is an Arab capital under Zionist occupation. I commend the Egyptian role, which has been steadfast and constant throughout history, that Jerusalem is Arab.

Suleiman pointed out that the current crisis for Jerusalem because of the decision of some European countries and America to transfer their embassies from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, stressing that President Trump took on the implementation of a resolution to the US Congress for decades, could not be implemented by an American president before him. He said that there is a campaign to hide the historical fact that Jerusalem is an Arab, which is being challenged by the Palestinian state today by educating young people in all countries that Jerusalem is Arab. He said that for dozens of years, Jerusalem has been trying to preserve its characterization from Judaization and will remain forever. We will not give up our position to the people and the government.


Second Symposium with the Italian Ambassador Claudio Margutini and Mr. Alfio Rosso, Director of the Italian Embassy


The scientific attaché of the Italian Embassy said that Egypt and Italy, including fruitful cooperation in the scientific fields, including scientific exchange in the field of technology, scholarships and Nobel Prize, pointed out that there are many joint projects currently with Egypt in the fields of new discoveries and solar cells. Creativity and innovation in all scientific fields and give all facilities to innovators to implement their innovations of young people and students and stressed that the Italian Embassy welcomes all creators to cooperate with them. Mr. Alfio Rousseau spoke about the importance of language studies in accordance with the CEFR (European Language Studies). “This program encourages the teaching of language as a means of communication between people, not just a teaching of grammar,” he said.


The third symposium was held with Dr. Abdul Mohsin Al-Qahtani Professor at King Abdul Aziz University entitled Culture of difference and acceptance of the other “where a philosophical dialogue between the lecturer and students of the university, Dr. Al-Qahtani confirmed that the universe created a difference” male and female, night and day and others, God created the universe on the difference To need each other and so that we have every hope we seek to achieve.


As for why some see that the difference enmity, he said that this is due to the linguistic confusion between the term difference and disagreement, the difference is something Mahmoud if we accept it when the meaning of the difference is something Mahmoud and add to the other .. While turning to a dispute or what he calls opponents or enmity if we do not accept, I am a Christian and if you accept your presence with me and you are on your religion and I am on my religion, what remains between us is ideological difference. If you reject me and reject you, that means that we have a disagreement

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