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BUC Honors Poet Hisham Al-Gakh and 4 Engineering Scientists

Dr. Mohammed Sulaiman, Secretary General and Spokesman of the University of Badr (BUC), announced that the university will honor the poet Hisham Al-Gakh, “Hair Hood” today as part of the third day of the third annual festival of the University of Egypt.

In a statement, Sulaiman said that Hisham Al-Gakh’s program will include a number of his announcements in the presence of Dr. Mustafa Kamal, the university president, vice presidents and university students. The final poetry competition will be held for university students to select the winner and winner of the university’s poetry this year. Organized by Dr. Hussein Mahmoud Dean of the Faculty of Languages and Translation.


The university’s spokesman said that the program will include four scientists in the fields of engineering and energy. Four lectures will be given on ways to maximize energy resources in Egypt and one on the future of the engineering profession. His lecture on the cultivation of forests in the desert lands around the communities using treated sewage water, Dr. Abdul Hakim Kandil, professor at Helwan University and winner of the State Prize and the Medal of Science and Arts of the first class and the medal of honor of scientists of the twentieth century and the subject of Dharth and use nuclear energy development and water desalination and Dr. Salama Abdul Hadi Head of Department of Mechanical Engineering and Dean of the former Energy Engineering, Engineer Consultant Saif Abu Naga head of architects Association and Vice President of the International Union of Architects and former lecture about the engineering profession and its future.


On the other hand, Dr. Mohammed Sulaiman said that the four scientists will participate in the jury that will review today the graduate projects currently being presented at the Badr University College of Engineering in the framework of the competition launched by the first scientific festival of Badr University for graduates of engineering colleges in public and private universities in the fields of energy Mechatronics, In which 9 public and private universities participate. The winner of the competition receives a prize of 20,000 pounds for the first, 12 thousand for the second and 8,000 for the third winner


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