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Tamer Hosny honored in the third festival of Badr University in Cairo

The Badr University in Cairo on Saturday (April 14th) inaugurated the third edition of its International Festival under the slogan “Egypt Humanity”, an annual event organized by the University of Badr in Cairo. The future doors of the student, as the human element of Egypt and its hope in progress and progress.

The opening ceremony of the 2018 International Festival, attended by a number of scientific, cultural, artistic, political and media stars, provided an excellent picture of community participation in this major event, which included, as usual, a keynote speech in the celebration of Orphan Day. Since the early morning, the university has received VIPs, including Dr. Amr Ezzat Salama, Dr. Fouad Al Nawawi, Ambassador Mohammed Al Orabi and Dr. Ahmed Darwish, all members of the University’s Board of Trustees. Also received were political and intellectual figures such as Dr. Husain Issa, head of the parliament’s budget and planning committee, several heads of private universities, government universities and many artists, headed by Dr. Ahlam Younis, president of the Academy of Arts, artist Sherine, artist Majid Masri, artist Mohsen Mohiuddin, And many others.


The president of the university and the guests opened two book exhibitions, one in cooperation with the General Book Authority and the other in cooperation with Dar Al Ma’arif. In addition, the exhibition of projects of students of the Egyptian engineering faculties and exhibitions of models of fine arts . Then Sandy made a wonderful show that ignited the enthusiasm of the students and delighted the hearts of the orphaned children whom the students shared with love in playing, singing and giving gifts.

The festival was keen this year to launch a campaign to encourage the donation to Abu Rish Hospital to complete the organization of interest in Egyptian children and attention to the most caring groups, and concluded the events of the first day of the festival with a wonderful and wonderful song for the generation of Tamer Hosni, who starred in the joy and ignite enthusiasm and the air of joy and joy in the hearts Thousands of attendee

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