Artists Praise the Establishment of the School of Cinematic Science and Theater at BUC

The artists praised the University of Badr BUC for its step in the establishment of a college specialized in cinematic and theater sciences and appealed to benefit from the accumulated Egyptian experiences of Egyptian artists from all fields to graduate the overall artist in Egypt


For his part, the artist Majid Al-Masri expressed his happiness to visit the university as a large educational and reception received by the university students. He also praised the student and organizational level of the third festival of Badr University and the university’s keenness on youth participation in all activities and activities, which is rare in most educational institutions


The artist Muhsin Mohiuddin welcomed his invitation to attend the opening of the College of Theater and Cinema Badr University, stressing that he had imagined that it was just built to receive academic sciences, but discovered that it is an integrated building for the graduation of a comprehensive artist known as representation and directing and decoration and accessories and editing and other components of the work, Higher Education Level. He wished success to all students who would enter the College of Dramatic Arts and Acting.


The artist Dr. Magdy Kamel pointed out that the College of Cinema and Theater Sciences at Badr University said a lot of delay, stressing that the volume of talent in Egypt and the Arab region is much greater than that absorbed by one academy serving the entire Arab region, the Academy of Arts, and he is sure that Badr University will not spare the talented High professional experience in Egypt and anywhere in the world to teach the arts at the highest level of technology and sophistication.


The artist Majdi Sobhi said that in the case of dazzling from the University of Badr as a large educational institution full of educational staff and he drew attention to the active participation of the student in all activities, whether artistic or sports, reflecting the University’s policy that it does not consider building the human through education only, Help to build human beings including art, sport and culture. He said that Takrimat usually a beautiful meaning that pleased the artist and all the honors dear to me, but the honor of the University of Badr loved my heart because it is an educational institution know the meaning of human and translate this through academic programs and practical high level


For his part, Dr. Mohammed Sulaiman, Secretary General of Badr University and its official spokesman, said that the university honored a number of artists who attended the activities of the third annual festival of Badr University, which is currently ongoing until April 19, on their artistic efforts and attending the festival for the opening of the Faculty of Film and Theater Arts. The film and theater sciences in Egypt and the Arab world, including artist Majid Al Masri, artist Sherine, Dr. Majdi Kamel, artist Magdy Sobhi and artist Muhsin Mohiuddin. He expressed gratitude of the university for the intensive attendance of the artists congratulations to the new faculty of the university They stressed that they have been delayed a lot as the size of talent in Egypt and the Arab region needs many technical colleges that study cinema and theater sciences in all its branches to the highest technology and science study.



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