BUC International Women’s Day Celebrations

BUC celebrated the International Women’s Day, which falls on March 8 each year, by inviting the radio station Hala Al-Hadidi as an example of successful Egyptian women that the new generation can take as role models in practical life.

Dr. Hussain Mahmoud, Dean of the Faculty of Languages and Translation, attended the meeting with Dr. Fatima Taher, Vice Dean of the Faculty of Languages and Translation, and Dr. Mustafa Kamal, President of Badr University, Dr. Mohamed Suleiman, Secretary General of the University, Dr. Ayman Al-Shiwa, Dean of the Faculty of Film and Dramatic Arts, and a large number of faculty members and students.

“The Egyptian woman has put her fingerprints on the Egyptian radio since its inception in the 1930s, and the first anchor was Afaf,” she said. Followed by Tadmor Tawfik, Safia El Mohandes in the 1940s, and the first children’s program was Zakia Abdelhamid Soliman, or Mama Zuzou, and the first program for women was Berne, who was the only news reader since the 1930s. Img Iqbal Hijazi, the first to offer cooking programs in the media. ”

“I was a graduate student at the Faculty of Economics and Political Science. It was a good thing, because my years of studies would not have been completed. I would have graduated in 1968, and then I could not go to the radio because my father was then president of the radio station and head of the new broadcasters’ test,” she said. To the development witnessed by the Egyptian radio in recent years.

“Before the radio knew the recording, the radio broadcast was done directly for all the programs, including reading the Koran, the music links and all the programs, and when we knew the recording we started on the wire tapes, which developed after years. To cassettes, then cassettes, and then CDs, “denying rumors that the origins of the tapes recorded on the history of Egyptian broadcasting since the 1930s has been neglected in favor of some private radio, confirming that the assets of tapes are safe in the radio library

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