BUC Organized the First Orientational Seminar on the Project of Egypt Innovation and Entrepreneurship

General purpose of “InnoEGYPT” is to foster national transformation toward sustainable innovative-based economy in Egypt via intensifying the existence, sustainability& impact of entrepreneurial start-ups.

This to be achieved by two interlinked tracks: creating local jobs & empowering young entrepreneurs and SMEs with high growth potential and defining and empowering the supply networks and value chains in order to understand the market needs to create better potentials and provide opportunities in a newly designed ecosystem.

The project aims at incubating, supporting and establishing 40 small companies operating in the most important industrial sectors in Egypt such as agriculture, food, construction, information technology, water, energy, garments and handicrafts.

The project specific objectives:

Provide full incubation package including a set of entrepreneurial toolkits, seed funding, consultancies, capacity building, and fundraising.
Unlock industrial priority sectors in Egypt via market and value chain assessment.
Visualize entrepreneurship potentials for better enabling environment for start-ups in Egypt.
Enhance innovation-business cooperation with European partners.
To present the idea of the project and how to submit and register the program through the site

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