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Badr University is impressive in Kuwait

The  Ambassador Yasser Atef, Ambassador of the Arab Republic of Egypt in Kuwait, praised the participation of the Badr University in the two-day exhibition of public and private universities in Kuwait under the slogan “A Safe Environment and a Promising Future.” Languages ​​and translation, which represented Badr University in the exhibition about the current reality of the University and its future plans. For his part, praised Rifaat Fayyad, editor of Akhbar Al-Youm, with the participation of Badr University in the exhibition and hinted in his speech during the opening that the university has made great strides and has become a large university despite its recent age, and it predicts a bright future.
The turnout at the Kuwait Universities Exhibition witnessed a large presence of the Kuwaiti community of more than 600,000 citizens. The participants were able to answer all questions that concern the students and their parents. And applied arts. The Durrat Al-Nuqud at the University of Badr, the College of Cinematic and Theater Arts, was a surprise to the exhibition and raised the curiosity of pioneers, officials, students and their parents. Participated with the delegation of Badr University Hossam Abdel Fattah, Alia Abdel Hamid and Nancy Abdel Hadi, and succeeded in presenting the diversity and richness and uniqueness of the programs of the Badr University, and specialties that are not provided by other universities such as nursing, cinema and theater.
On the other hand, some of the university’s parents confirmed their happiness in the presence of the exhibition in Kuwait and that the universities had reached them in their places. They called for holding such exhibitions periodically, and they were agreed by Ambassador Yasser Atef, who pointed out that the Minister of Higher Education Dr. Khaled Abdel Ghaffar attaches great importance to holding these exhibitions Periodically because they provide citizens with important information that is difficult for them to know remotely.

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