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The visit of the Chinese Commissioner of Badr University in Cairo

Mr. Mostafa Kamal, President of Badr University, received Mr. Li Dong, the Chinese Commissioner in Cairo on his official visit to the University on Monday, May 8, 2017. His visit came to expand the cooperation between the Embassy and our University, Through the participation in the exhibition of employment and scientific cooperation with the colleges of the university and the introduction of Chinese teachers to teach specialty materials and scholarships for university students. Badr University celebrates the hosting of 19 students of the University of Ningxia throughout the last academic year to study the Arabic language and culture. The University of Badr has shown great interest in the students of China in terms of good hosting, quality of the educational process, diversity of student activities and utilization of all material and human resources of the university and receive medical care at the university clinics. Chinese students represented their home country as the best representation. They were an example of diligent and diligent students who participated in many of the activities of the university so that they would know everyone about their country’s culture and national feeling. Badr University welcomes the visit of the Chinese Embassy in Cairo and hopes that the relations between it and the Chinese side will be strengthened in order to create a healthy environment for students from both sides and to create an environment for cultural exchange. The People’s Republic of China, In 1949, Egypt was one of the first countries to establish diplomatic relations with it. China has faced many political challenges, such as the “Taiwan issue” and economic “obstacles to economic reform,” but has persisted and presented an example to the international level under the slogan “one China” representing the Chinese people around the world.
The seminar was attended by Dr. Shwadifi Mousi Sharif, Advisor to the Minister of Higher Education, Prof. Hussein Mahmoud, Dean of the Faculty of Languages ​​and Translation, Prof. Ahmed Mousi, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, and Prof. Rasha Kamal El Sayed,

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