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Haitham al-Hajj and Iman al-Bakri at the opening of Book Fair in BUC

The most important and the latest news from Egypt today: on Friday, November 4, 2016 : Haitham al-Haj, Iman Bakri guests of  BUC in the first seminar of cultural week.

On Saturday, the first seminar of Cultural Week, in the presence of the poet Iman Bakri and Haitham al-Haj Ali,the president of General Egyptian Book Organization and Dr. Mahmoud al Dabaa, head of Egyptian National Library and Archives.
This is the second year in a book fair for BUC in cooperation with the General Egyptian Book Organization and the National Center for Translation and Egyptian National Library and Archives.

The exhibition opens its activities on Saturday and lasts for a week, a cultural week of the faculty of Languages and Translation at BUC and supervised directly by Dr. Hussein Mahmoud, Dean of the College .
The exhibition includes many activities, including poetry symposium to be held on the opening day and a range of cultural competitions for students and prizes provided by the General Administration of the book to students winners.

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