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Tanta International Poetry Festival is Preparing for Its Second Edition

Hilmi Nimnim, (Culture Minister) opens activities of the second session of Tanta International Poetry Festival, in the twenty-eighth of October, at the Conference Hall, Faculty of Commerce in Tanta, in the presence of poets participants cycle of this year, they are 39 poets from 19 countries, including: China, Colombia, United States, Argentina, Sweden, Spain, and the Arab world, from Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Tunisia, Palestine, Lebanon, in addition to a number of prominent poets Egyptians.

The festival lasts for four days and held at the a variety of places within and in the vicinity of the city of Tanta, and some other towns, and villages within the Western province, and is supported by Tanta University, and BUC, in addition to housing, Inc. Eiji Otto, the center of Abdul Mohsen Qahtani cultural studies. And sponsored by the Youth and Sports and the Directorate of Education and the Directorate of Religious Endowments Directorate Gharbia.

It is noteworthy that for the second consecutive year the western province refuses to provide any kind of support which the festival is held in the capital of the province, although the official festival is held under the auspices of the Egyptian Ministry of Culture.

Festival events are held in two shifts; morning and night. In the morning organizes several seminars on the campus of the University of Tanta (medical complex) and (colleges Bsbarbaa compound) and the Faculty of Education and Faculty of Commerce and in the schools: Honest Rafii, the Americans, and in the future. And held his evenings of poetry evening Tanta Sports Club and called teachers in Tanta, and called Zifta Sports and Shooting Club in Mahala, and the status of the youth village Snaded, the center of the village youth Kurdish facility.

Also it held a major celebration of poetry mosque courtyard Sayyid al-Badawi, along the lines of the evening held last year in the same place, and saw then a significant presence of the public who interact with the poets participants. Adjacent to the ceremony, which is held garden Tanta Sporting Club, is experiencing this year cycle of transmission of the festival to hold a concert closing the Roman Theater at Badr University in Cairo (BUC) in Badr, which also witnessed the distribution of awards to the students participating poetry competition organized by the university over the past few days between the ceremony students, under the patronage of Dr Hassan al-Qala chairman of the board of Trustees of the University.

The festival organized by the hair of the writers and artists Gharbia Association, headed by poet Mahmoud Sharaf, includes organizational committee a number of poets of the city’s Western province, were: Mohammed Aziz, Mohammad Sami, Hani O., flower Allam, allow Mustafa, and Ashraf Mattawa. And it manages his evenings and provide a large number of writers and university professors, including: novelist Mahmoud Arafat, novelist Dr. Mohammed Daoud, the translator Fakhry Abu schlep, Osama al-Beheiri, Dr. covenant Sisi, Dr. Sami Ismail, and others.

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