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Manuel Jose visits BUC

Jose Manuel the famous coach of Al Ahli Club visited BUC, to discuss the auspices of BUC of Manuel Jose football academy in the presence of Dr. Mostafa Kamal, the president of BUC and Dr. Mohammed Suleiman -General Secretary, and a number of university deans.

Said Dr. Mostafa Kamal, president of the university, said that the auspices of talented football players from the age of 7 to 14 years is consistent with the mission of university and 24 schools at different cities in Egypt includes about 22 thousand students, 50% of them are of the same age group of target students to take care of all scientific and sporting levels.

He pointed to the willingness of the university to sign a cooperation agreement with the Academy  in which university offers the care to the talented football players.

Said Jose: “My idea for the establishment of the Academy for the gifted in Egypt began two and a half ago, my conviction that Egypt has thousands of talented deployed at the provincial level and who are able to raise the status of Egyptian football if what has been discovered since childhood .. However, the funding was disabled to complete, especially that the goal academic was teaching children free of charge with the publication of academic branches at the level of all the governorates of Egypt. ”

He added that for non-disabled idea for a longer period we started the academy through two branches in ten days through two branches, one in Sixth of October City and the second in Sheikh Zayed City, and greeted the children for a fee, but it retreated from the idea of children’s education fees to provide an opportunity for all children.

And he affirmed the support of the Ministry of Youth Academy there is a protocol of cooperation between the academic and the ministry by providing all of the ministry stadiums in front of the academy.

For his part, Dr. Mohamed Soliman, Secretary General of the League to the academy, it was agreed that the university Jose to submit a draft protocol of cooperation with the university to be presented to the Council at its meeting next week.

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