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BUC Raises Awareness of the SMEs Culture

Dr. Mohammed Suleiman(General Secretary of BUC ) praised guidance of the government set up a special institution for SMEs from next month, specializing in developing strategic plans for the development of micro and small and medium-sized  and develop necessary procedures and controls to coordinate with state agencies.

He suggested that BUC was one of the first institutions that appealed to customize institution to small andmedium within the recommendations of the First International Forum of BUC, which was held last month in the presence of the heads of the committees of the Plan and Budget, economic and deputy minister of finance in addition to representatives of a number of international institutions in Italy and Scotland , which I also recommend the importance of social participation of educational institutions, particularly in the deployment of small and medium enterprises culture, which was adopted by BUC announce initiative for the deployment of small and micro enterprises culture of childhood among students BUC as well as between students in more than 120 private schools. hoping to circulate the initiative as a system at the level of public Egyptian universities and schools in general.

In this regard, he pointed out that the University Council, headed by Dr. Mustafa Kemal University President agreed on activating the initiative from the new academic year between BUC  students and initially will be in preparation for the curricula of education about the importance of small and medium enterprises and micro as one means of reducing unemployment and encouraging investment and reducing imports and the reduction of the informal economy, which will benefit the future of young people in Egypt.

And it is taught in the form of lectures or seminars are getting through which to publicize the principles of economics and the elements of investment and management as well as the definition of the project micro and small and medium according to Egyptian laws, and legal entities for companies, and become acquainted with the government agencies that deal with the investor when the foundation of his project and during the project cycle, which develops in the student the elements of self-employment and management of money and then encourage them to save and convert it from individual consumers to individual savers since childhood.


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