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Ethiopian Ambassador in Cairo: our relationship with Egypt distinct



Mahmoud Dreier, Ambassador of Ethiopia in Egypt, said Egyptian relations with Ethiopian developing , warning of the danger of rumors reported by some media; in order to raise doubts about the good relationship between Egypt and Ethiopia, and to destabilize relations between the oldest peoples in history.
He denied Dreier, during a meeting with officials of BUC, that he reduces from the historical relationship between Egypt and the Nile, saying that “Herodotus was wrong when he said that Egypt, the gift of the Nile, Egypt is the gift of the people and not the gift of the Nile”, stressing that his remarks about Egypt was

aim of distortion, saying: “when asked about Egypt said that Herodotus made a mistake by saying that Egypt is the gift of the Nile, the Nile is just an inanimate can not establish a civilization such as the Egyptian civilization alone without the Egyptian man, the Egyptian man is from loans Nile even assesses his or her own , the civilization of Egypt and the Egyptian people behind the owner of the oldest civilizations in history, and for the extension of Egyptian civilization all these years congratulations to Egypt, its people. ”

The ambassador pointed out that the attitudes and events cascading prove that critics of the relations between the Egyptian people and the Ethiopian many, there are those who care about the rhythm between Egypt and Ethiopia are hunting down the words reverberating from here or there and escalation of abuse of the relations between the two countries and their peoples, always there curtailment of the statements and published in order to serve the purposes of another.
And the evolution of the talks between Egypt and Ethiopia on the bridge Renaissance, Dreier said that the political leaderships of the two countries do not boil down relationship in bridging the Renaissance, also does not believe that the dam obstacle common relations, stressing that the relations between Egypt and Ethiopia extended and continuous experiencing improved after every meeting between the leaders, noting to bridge the Renaissance theme of the dozens of topics covered by the two presidents; to consolidate relations between the Egyptian and Ethiopian peoples in all their meetings and contacts, and there are technical committees studying the subject of the dam in order to serve the interests of the three countries Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan.
He continued: “the last period witnessed the signing of several protocols between Egypt and Ethiopia, relating to education, health, and women, and the strengthening of human capacity, and the training of diplomats and avoidance of double taxation and investment protection and promotion between the two countries,” stressing that his visit to the University of Badr come under one of those protocols and private educational and cultural exchanges between the two countries.
He pointed out that the coming days to activate the Joint Tripartite Commission for the development of relations between the peoples of Egypt and Ethiopia, Sudan, on the political, economic and social levels, which I would recommend configured to meet the tripartite summit between Egyptian President and Prime Minister of the Ethiopian and Sudanese President in Sharm El-Sheikh, attended by foreign ministers, hoping to witness coming period translation protocols signed between Egypt and Ethiopia over the past two years, the cooperation between the two programs.
On the Ethiopian investments in Egypt, said Dardir Ethiopia opens its arms to investors from Egypt to invest in Ethiopia, are also interested in attracting Ethiopian investors to invest in Egypt, pointing out that the economic boom in Ethiopia encourage local investors to invest in Ethiopia before investing abroad, especially Ethiopian investment law that gives special advantages for local investors to allocate exclusive areas for investors Ethiopians without others.
For his part, Dr. Hassan al-Qala Chairman of Trustees of the University of Badr welcomed the ambassador of Ethiopia, and it responds to the call to visit the Badr University, said: “We in the Badr Manmoman University of prejudice Egypt and what matters Egyptians but we instruct ourselves to exploit personal relationship with friends in African countries and in Ethiopia in particular, to contribute in building bridges of communication between Egypt and Africa and in particular with Ethiopia as a task which we have old historical ties, a role that should be played by each institution or person having relations with Africa. ”
He visited Dreier Badr University and a number of colleges and contributed to the opening of a private physical therapy outpatient clinics, allocated by the university to serve the residents of Badr City, in the presence of a number of officials of the Ethiopian Embassy in Cairo, and Engineer Mustafa Fahmi, Chairman Badr City, Ala Alskotai Prime Investors Small Enterprises Association.

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